Can America save itself from with-in?

images (119)I have many American friends, I am really dismayed by what is happening. This is my tongue in cheek snapshot of what could happen.

The Donalds remarks on women have finally roused me from trying to stay out of another countries politics. Well that is not completely true I have written a few things about this election.

The alarming part about all this, maybe no one can really envision it, is this latest threat from the Donald. Was he not just bragging in the other debates about all the generals in the armed forces backing him? How about all the police officers in America?

To not concede defeat if he loses .. ummm does this sound familiar? Well not in a democracy, surely to God? Having support of the military and the police could be to your advantage though, right? It will be messy for sure and people may die, but when you’re convinced there is a conspiracy against you.. well isn’t that how armed conflict starts?

Maybe even Russia could intervene on his behalf? This may sound ridiculous to some.. but the whole free world and most likely Russia, are watching this debacle that is ripping the heart out of what was once a great nation.

Here in Canada, the country with the health care system that is a complete disaster, according to the Donald. We invite our friends and family over for ‘Debate Night, and wait for the anticipated, unbelievable trash talk to commence.

This is a spectacle that doesn’t disappoint .. we are always so polite you know, and apologize even if we aren’t wrong. I am curious how the outcomes from either candidate will affect America..

Whichever way it turns out I think it is going to be a long haul to make America great again… is it even possible? Maybe they have set a new precedent for future elections, and will it be all down hill from here?

At the rate the Donald is trashing everyone (half the world is made up of women) and countries he doesn’t like.. well this once great nation may need a wall to protect itself. Forget about travelling anywhere outside of America, burning bridges, you know.. well I suppose a nice vacation in Siberia can’t be all that bad.untitled (78)

Please don’t send me hate mail or try to change this old gals opinion.. I can’t vote!