Forgive me my Sunday rant .. I really don’t want to kill anyone!

my Sunday rant .. don’t worry it is going to be short.. but deadly

I have been getting feedback from my rape post and a lot of shares.. thank you. I need to answer one of my friends that likened me to a hero in that story.

Believe me when I say I am no hero, I only did whatever I had to, to save myself. I also don’t consider myself a victim either, I tucked away this horrible event and went on with my life. To let a past evil act (regardless of shame) insinuate it’s ugly tentacles into any part of my future would have been like surrendering my self worth to that cowardly man.

My hero is every every single woman that comes forward and presses charges against any man that has subjected her into humiliation and gross indecency. This is a total disrespect for the equal human beings that we all are… period! These women are my heros and we need to start giving them their due.

We have men in every walk of life subjecting us to sexual harassment and even raping us! Why.. ? You all have mothers, everyone of you has a mother.. it was a woman that gave birth to you!

Lets be real here, ok?  A woman gave you life and let you be free, this same woman didn’t enslave you to be her servant! She didn’t impose strict protcol on what you could wear, who you could talk to or even prevent you from getting an education!

This woman gave you life and hoped you would be a great man that she could be proud of. That some of you turn around treat us with total dis-respect and even enslave us, is so incongruous to me. That you rape and humiliate us with no consequences in some countries is beyond my belief.

Some of you (too many) have been doing it in the free world and getting away with it, this has got to stop. Locker talk, date rape.. date rape drugs and just plain sexist discrimination in the workplace.. is beneath us all.

Next time you rape a woman, grab a feel of whatever body part she has, sexually harass her in the workplace or just threaten to kill her if she doesn’t comply.. I want you to think of this.. if we, as moms, could see how some of you behaved in the  future.. we would be horrified and probably would have beat the f#$%#  shit out of you.. or killed you at birth!

Think about that

Please lord forgive me.. my rage at what is happening in the world is sometimes overwhelming .. I am still hurting for all those school girls that were kidnapped over two years ago… people like Donald Trump are not making this a better place to live.. it’s just making me sick for what is to become of our world. and Lord.. thank you for the good men in our lives that give us hope.