change .. coming to terms with dying on a motorcycle

imagesY1B6FHC9How do you define happiness and when do you know you’ve achieved success? How do you know when you are too old and why does age even matter? I feel all the same things I did when I was younger.. especially excitement and even hope.

Something must change as we age, because we can’t go through life and not learn something.. am I smarter maybe? God I wish that was true.. you’d think we could at least make that assumption? But alas, that is never going to be true. I made a stupid mistake just three days ago that will haunt me for awhile. BUT we never stop learning.. right?

Age does not make you smarter, happier, richer and certainly not healthier! Does it suck to get older.. are there any benefits, other than a pension? We still make stupid mistakes and dumb moves, older is not wiser.. trust me!images (86)

Contrary to all these new phrases like, ‘fifty is the new forty’ I beg to disagree. Sixty-ish is only getting you ready for the new seventy-ish! That is a fact and we best get acquainted with it. Good thing too, because we need to start looking after ourselves.. oh oh too late, ah well.

Lets tackle happy because after all is said and done I want the same as everyone else.. I just want to be happy. I am NOT going to dissect this.. lord please don’t let me get carried away here. I want to wake up every day and feel good about myself and my circumstances, and if not my circumstances then for sure.. myself.

images (84)Waking up feeling good about yourself and those you love has to trump everything else.. don’t you think? Some of us live in circumstances beyond our control.. fighting a war in another country comes to mind. Others.. staying in situations that contribute to feelings of desperation.

Living in poverty and having no hope should contribute to unhappiness but surprisingly it does not! Funny thing about that, in Cuba I experienced such love and contentment among the people I met. It was explained this way “we cannot hope for anything better for us or our children, because of this we live each day “in the here and now”.

They have free health care, dental and education and everyone is guaranteed a job. There are no drug problems with their kids, and everyone is connected with-out devices, can you belive that? They just can’t own anything or get off the island, but all that is about to change I think.

images (89)Where was I… hmmm.. aging and happiness is on my mind this morning. We are all going to age, that is a given, but how do we wake up each day? ahhhh.. that is something worth looking into. We need to get out of bed.. well unless we are sick or crippled and if we aren’t, then that is good, right?images (83)

Just so you know.. I spent a portion of my life dreading getting up in the morning. I don’t think I am any smarter now, but this I know for sure, if you wake up unhappy every morning then it is probably hard for you to sleep, and maybe it is time to make some tough choices in your life.

My favorite way to look at something I want to change is this.. what is the worst that can happen? Dying would rate up there, I think, and I even came to terms with that, taking road trips (thousands of miles) on the back of motorcycles! I had to accept that I could die, before I could relax and enjoy the ride.. maybe life is like that?

images (88)Most of us are not going to be rich or smarter or even healthier for that matter. We could all certainly eat a little healthier and I will too, right after I finish this cookie. Are you happy.. or are you waiting to be happy?

Forty is not the new thirty and fifty is not the new forty.. some of you are going to be sixty-ish.. just sayin. As I am eyeing seventy-ish and beyond I am hoping I will still at least have a sex life, well happy is as happy gets.. right?

I am still so excited about life and what is in store for me. I did make changes that were the hardest decisions to do in my life so far. I had no idea what was in store for me when I made them. I was scared and I was .. well .. really scared! The alternative for me in the end was unthinkable.images (85)

I’m not afraid to get old.. are we almost there yet? I will share with you what was unthinkable and my biggest fear.. it was getting old and dying without having truly ‘lived my life’..  does this make sense to any of you, and if it does.. well then, don’t be scared like I was.. just do it!

What is the worst that could happen?