Meghan McCain this is for you.. please pass this on to The View (I can’t seem to find an address)

“If Canada has such a great health system why are Canadians coming across the border (to the States) to get health services?” that was a statement made by Meghan McCain on the popular TV show The View. .. yesterday!

Oh my goodness.. where to begin? I don’t know anyone personally that has had to go to the states for a medical procedure because they couldn’t get it here. If what you say is true and there could very well be wait times for some procedures .. it is also true that many Americans are left wanting because they can’t even afford any health care.

It may interest you to know that as a Canadian I have to purchase extra health care insurance when I visit your country, because of your exorbitantly high health care costs. I have heard stories of Americans being charged hundreds of dollars just for an aspirin while in the hospital. I don’t believe it, but its how unrealistic rumors get started.

I have every confidence in our health care system and I never take this for granted. That a country with a population as large as yours doesn’t have basic health care for all, I find strange.  Some citizens cannot even afford a family doctor? … really? I’ve also heard that many cannot get coverage while on holidays unless they physically go back to their own state. (I don’t know if this is true either)

Would it surprise you to know that in Cuba health care is also free? Family doctors are also required to make at least two home visits a year, to promote healthy lifestyles. They also have free education for all and everyone has a job. The point is most countries believe in free health care.. and surprisingly free education as well. (not everything is bad in Cuba)

Does our country spend a lot to afford all of its citizens free health care.. as a matter of fact we do. I think having a healthy country is worth it. We tax the hell out of cigarettes and alcohol, some are suggesting taxing those big sugary slurpies and the ‘extra large’ fast food, artery clogging menu items.. (good luck with that..loll).

Your meds must be also exorbitantly high also because we have Americans getting mail order prescriptions from Canada. Some of my American friends go to Mexico for health care procedures as well, and dental services. Ok I am guilty of getting dental work done..  and I’ve got the smile to prove it.

Dear Meghan, I hate to break it to you but even the Russians have had free health care, since 1996. In case you say “ah well.. that is a communist country along with Cuba”.. well the UK has free health care too! Don’t you think every man, woman and child deserves to see a doctor when they are sick and need medical attention.

A great country such as yours can surely make this happen?  Do it right though.. make it free! (we will never escape taxes anyway so at least use it to an advantage for all).

Time to wind this up and put it into perspective. The no charge or ‘free’ is of course.. a lie regardless of where you live. In the big scheme of things we all pay our share.. more for some, less for others. We all pay taxes (some are called ‘sin’ taxes.. eg alcohol and cigarettes) these help fund our healthcare systems.

So as a Canadian I have ‘free’ healthcare, but I realize it is not really free. I am ok with this and the extra taxes, I feel so grateful that we live in such a great country. I’ll not begrudge ‘paying’ for our privileged way of life. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.. except maybe somewhere warm in the winter.

Please lord if I die in the winter I want it to be in a bikini and thongs.. the kind you wear on your feet. Now try and flush that picture from your brain… loll.

This is my opinion only Meghan McCain so please don’t diss our health care system on national TV without knowing the facts. Another small fact and you can google it if you want.. the United States of America pays more than any other country on earth for health care, with not necessarily corresponding better results.. just sayin..