mean girls.. are you one?

images (117) Mean-spirited is so.. well… mean! What kind of satisfaction do we get from being mean or even just brushing someone off as if they were unworthy of our attention? Is your life or my life so important that we can’t be gracious or at least acknowledge a person that wants to meet us?

So I am fond of saying that I don’t suffer fools easily.. but have I ever been a fool? Well I married one .. does that count? Actually I think we all feel we married fools at some point in a marriage, thank goodness not all the time.

I’ve said mean things that I regret.. but I’ve also apologized when necessary. I am never mean intentionally but sometimes it seems that way, like when we are brusque and sharp tongued (usually when stressed or in a hurry).untitled (77)

Mean is kicking someone when they are already down or badmouthing them because you made a snap decision you don’t like them. Mean is being stingy with your praise or compliments. Totally ignoring a good friend while in pursuit of an exciting ‘better’ friend?

untitled (76)Pointing out someones zit when you know they are obsessing over it, and asking them if it has a name. But when it is your kids it is so much fun.. lol. Yes they do the same to me, then it is not so funny. Why is it we have zits when we are over sixty anyway?

Does Sarcasm count as being mean, I wonder? Lord knows I love the witty sarcasm, but all in fun of course. In my heart I never want to be mean to anyone.. it’s just not nice or even justifiable! My mom said if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything.

We all obsess over our looks and if you look at what I am wearing the wrong way I will go home and change! Well not really, but I may not wear that again. We also don’t like people to think we are stupid.

If I don’t understand something I will ask questions, please be patient, sometimes I really am stupid, but I am trying to understand.images (118)

Being a female we can sometimes be mean and catty.. see that beautiful, perfect, woman over there, with the perfect body.. she is probably a b#tch .. see what I mean? We have to quit doing that and appreciating everyone no matter their looks.

I tried to teach my kids to be decent human beings.. but they still called the poor kid on the bus ‘duck lips’. I tried to make them understand and to put themselves in the other persons shoes. “Is there someone new in your class.. did you talk to them and be nice?”

untitled (79)I am not going to get into ethical and moral values here. This blog is about being mean or mean-spirited, lets grow up and try to set good examples. I am not perfect .. far from it, but I am also not mean. I will protect you from the mean if I can. I will also tell that person that I will hire a ‘hit man’ if they do it again!.

We all lose when we try to destroy another persons aura of self-confidence. What is to be gained from running someone down or badmouthing them? Be constructive, don’t be mean-spirited.. that person could end up being your next boss (wouldn’t that be Karma?).

You will be remembered for something at your passing.. don’t let it be your sharp tongue, or your backstabbing ways. My sister was mentally challenged and there was not a mean bone in her body..  she was also very aware of injustices done to others.untitled (78)

My sister was not a mean girl..  I miss her a lot. Not everyone was nice to Robin but she was accepting of all people.

images (119)I hope I am like her, I try. We need more like her.. if I asked her if this dress made me look fat she would say “well.. yes.. but you look beautiful anyway” and she would laugh.. oh she would laugh….