are you getting enough?

images[8]The findings I am about to publish in this blog from my in-depth study about ‘are we getting enough’.. are purely my own. I am surprised at my findings.. well to a point. Please be advised this is adult reading only and if you are related to me your eyes will bleed if you keep reading this.. fair warning!

This is being written from a ‘sated’ point of view .. meaning I got lucky just lately and all is well in my world. When was the last time you ‘got lucky’, can you remember? If you can’t, I hope it is only because you are single or you chose celibacy. Married ones you need to lighten up and pay attention… just sayin..

This sexual part of ourselves seems to be such a taboo topic to discuss and why should it be? We all have the same body parts that need to be cleaned and ‘oiled’. Oil changes are very important on a vehicle to keep it running smoothly, so too our bodies. As adults we need sexual fulfillment to lead a happy productive life.imagesS7Y4CJGK

Please notice the word ‘happy’ in that sentence. We all live our lives the best we can, but are we actually ‘happy’ or are we waiting for ‘happy’ to happen? For the sake of not sounding too crude and adding some fun to this piece, getting our oil changed is referring to sexual playtime.

I used to get oil changes regularly, except for those times when my motor just quit, for lack of maintenance from my ‘mechanic’. How can you expect to jump in and drive when you haven’t even checked the dam oil? Ahhh but when the maintenance is kept up .. oh what a ride!

untitled (35)Since splitting with my main Mechanic I have been hard pressed to find another. There are lots of Mechanics looking to do quick oil changes, a lot have their own vehicles but want the thrill of a quick change!

My motor now runs in an older model but the ride is still surprisingly good.. although the oil changes are not as frequent, they have been exquisite. I have a special mechanic that knows body-work lol…

ok now where was I.. oh right.. are you getting enough? The answer is a big fat NO! We are not getting enough, we are too busy and too tired and too sleep deprived. We have aches and pains and mental anguish and we are just plain cranky!

Did I mention depression.. that covers a lot of ground. When was the last time you got your oil changed? Did they use the right oil.. did they do the maintenance, were you happy with the results, well were you?

The lucky ones getting regular oil changes .. how happy are you? Does everything seem right with the world.. well lets just say..  your own little world? To those of you not getting the oil changes but maintenance is being kept up with loving care, I think you are happy too.imagesC6IKPT02

For those that are using synthetic oil.. well I have used that too, but it is only a substitute for the real thing. Although it is not totally satisfactory it is necessary sometimes to ‘keep on truckin’, so to speak.

My point in all this rhetoric is this.. you need to start giving priority to the sexual part of your life. No.. I am not an expert, not even close, but this I know for sure.. from experience with my older model T. The T stands for thankful, that I am still able to participate fully in oil changes and the whole maintenance routine.

For gods sakes get rid of the baggage, do some forgiving, take some time.. make it a personal challenge. Buy some synthetic oil if you have no mechanic .. and if you do, then treat him with some loving care and see if he reciprocates. JUST DO SOMETHING…

images[3]To stay healthy and happy and even hopeful.. we all need love. Those of us still having sexual desires.. need the whole loving part, and that includes sexual gratification.. it renews the soul. If this part is not happening, you are only living half a life.. give its due.. renew your soul today, don’t waste another moment.

Some of us don’t have a partner, and do we really want one.. ? We all want to be loved though, and I don’t think we ever will stop searching for someone to love and love us back.

Don’t wait until your motor is irreparable or your mechanic moves on to change someone else’s oil (many will.. even if they keep coming home to the same garage).

WE ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH .. the facts are in and I stand by my study! Now go get your sexy on and lets change the world, one oil change at a time .. insert smiley face here…31408385[1]