Sexy Lexi.. serviced and ready, oh my.. its hard to keep the smile off my face.

thC1EVGMEGThis journey started off badly and almost didn’t happen at all. Buying a new car isn’t always about the vehicle, you need to trust the dealership and the salesperson, especially. How many of us have bought cars from salesmen we didn’t like? I rest my case.

This story is not about my buying experience, I already blogged that one in ‘the salesman from hell’. This is about my recent foray back to the dealership from whence it came. Ens Lexus in Stonebridge Saskatoon has a brand new building and it is spotlessly clean, luxurious and inviting.

Since owning my RX350 Lexus I have to say that I have never been treated better at any other car dealership. Having owned many new cars in my life, it’s fair to say my experiences with sales people and dealerships is wide ranging.

To be fair I have not been to BMW or Porsche and have never test driven a Jaguar. A friend of mine that has experience with these other cars, once said to me “after all is said and done, you just can’t beat a Lexus for a luxury ride!” I have never forgotten that remark, and when I see a BMW, I smile and gloat just a little.. I am shallow I guess.

Recently deciding to sell my RX SUV to my newly expecting daughter in law (she wants something safe and a car seat is in her future) I went off to look at a car for myself. My Lexus held its value well enough and I had enough equity in it to buy a new Chev.

I was looking at either a Malibu or a Cruiz loaded of course! The salesgirls, a sister team, were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get into a Chev. They work out of SMP Motor Products in Saskatoon and they really know their stuff, what a treat they were.

I owned a Malibu before my Lexus and I was quite happy with it, referring to myself as ‘Malibu Nana’. Alas .. how was I to know that owning a Lexus had spoiled me for any other vehicle?

Deciding at the last minute to go to Lexus and check out what they had, ended up being my undoing. Micheal Sutherland (one of the nicest persons to deal with), put me into a used Lexus ES350 car. Well even though it was used, dam.. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face the whole time I drove it! .. I am shallow that way.

This car only had 50,000 km on it so it was practically new (but not new price) and it was loaded! More stuff than my SUV had.. the Navigation package for one. I hope I am not boring anyone with all this car talk, but Oh My God.. all vehicles are not born equal!!

It is also fair to say here that not all dealerships are equal either. At the end of the day my journey led me to a private sale from Alberta (a deal I couldn’t resist.. times are tough in Alberta). The Lexus was similar to the one here but had the light beige leather seats that I preferred, over the black.. my own personal ‘must have’.

The Lexus dealership here looked after sprucing up the RX350 and making sure everything was good.. including fixing a leaking shock. My SUV looked like new when they got through with it.. I had such parting pangs!

I was so proud to hand over the keys to my daughter in law whom was carrying precious cargo of her own. I feel good knowing she will have a safe vehicle (she also did the google search of safe vehicles and such, and deemed it worthy).

I also know she will be absolutely thrilled with the customer service she is going to get when she takes it there for upkeep. This story has such a happy ending .. they also took in my Lexus from Alberta and treated me and my ‘private sale’ with the Lexus service that is second to none.

I am not trying to sell anyone a Lexus .. but even a used one is nicer than most new cars of some other make. Hmmmm  did that come out right.. ?

The dealership that wins in the end does not have the most toys! The one that wins in the end has the BEST SERVICE!!  Ens Lexus does it for me.. go try one.. even if you have to go used, it is worth it!