LUG this … it’ll be easy he said (The ‘Legends’ trip)

lugPacking is not my forte’, does anyone really pack ‘hardly anything’? Can you trust someone that doesn’t pack anything? I guess I let the guy at the store sway my judgment on the new LUG suitcases and bags. “It was one of Oprahs favorite things” ! well I am not her, but did that stop me from buying it anyway.. not a chance !

Packing for this month long trip which includes a two week cruise was a personal challenge for me. I have always wanted to travel with one carry-on suitcase. Packing five pairs of shoes doesn’t stop me from dreaming.. it just makes me more determined.

They said it couldn’t be done.. well those that know me were skeptical (secretly I agreed with them). When the dust settled I did do it.

5 dresses.. 3 three tops, 3 sweaters, 4 scarves, one dressy pants, 2 bathing suits and a cover-up, 2 belts.. 5 pairs of shoes YES! Toiletries .. and why are they called that anyway, it’s not like we are cleaning toilets with them.

A jean jacket and a bunny hug (hoodie) my computer and my iPhone (less a charger dam!) Oh… and underwear but do I need it for down under .. we are traveling to Perth Australia.

The dress I am wearing was not in the count.. nor the shoes. Miscellaneous stuff as well.. and I am a genius because I did make everything fit into a LUG carry-on and a LUG bag. Well I did forget my iPhone charger and all my jewelry packed nicely in a detachable zip bag that came with the LUG suitcase.

thUUX1VW7UThere are more nooks and crannies in this LUG carry-on .. it is a veritable haven for nick-knacks. I failed to realize though that there is a  limit ‘weight-wise’ for carry-ons! Also important, if my travel buddy has to check her bags then what the heck am I saving? This is hindsight now and man oh man, what was I thinking?

Fist off I forget my iPhone charger .. it takes me almost three days to miss my jewelry.. really? I replace the charger and start off my ‘new’ jewelry collection right away in Hong Kong. I find some really cool earrings.. well four pairs by the time I am finished.

The trip from Vancouver was 12 hours but it went smooth enough. The plane was not full and we each managed to score an empty seat beside us. That is a bonus in itself for such a long trip. We flew Air Canada and I have to say here that we were impressed with the service and the smog

Having avoided this airline for many years because of shoddy service in the past .. we were pleasantly surprised.

Once out of the airport in Hong Kong we needed to find a ‘green’ taxi, to our hotel in the new territories, this huge city holds nine million people. The cab driver gleefully kept saying four star hotel and holding up four fingers while snickering.. somewhat.. we tried to figure it out but gave up. I guess he figured these two old gals are pretty stupid to book so far away from the airport.. 300 HK dollars (60 US).. and he was right!

We will book smarter on the way back because we are cancelling that return booking. I think Hong Kong Disneyland is located somewhere close to where we booked.. we have already done that part of our lives.

Breakfast brings lots of surprises and we gracefully try new things .. if you call sawing through a bamboo packet that was supposed to be unwrapped and eaten.. graceful. A steamed bun looking ‘egg’actly like a boiled egg was a sweet surprise.dim sum egg

images7611AIJVOnce outside the humidity hit us hard and we dragged ourselves around slowly, but we did enjoy a wonderful morning spent in the huge pool at our hotel. We ventured out for lunch and found a shopping mall with every kind of store we could possible want AND a line-up a mile long for KFC chicken… really? We were able to order from pictures on all the menus.

The smog was thick.. the sun didn’t have a chance of breaking through.. and that is just as well , it was hot and muggy and so were we.

images8KKECF52Although English is spoken most places, it is only enough to get by .. we could not carry on a decent conversation with anyone to find out what to see and where to go. We were given directions to the major shopping district but it involved a lot of trains and transfers.. being geographically challenged as I am we steered clear of that.

We have a second chance at this city on the way back and will be cancelling our same hotel in favor of one positioned closer to the hub .. read ..’shopping district’ here. We also have more time on the way back.. to get into trouble… loll.

Lessons learned here: forget the carry-on packing unless it is all ‘light stuff’. Keep the umbilical cord attached to your phone when packing. When booking ‘breakfast included’ rooms make sure breakfast is ‘open’ before you have to leave for the airport … hmmmm

To be continued…..




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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time…..minus phone cord and jewelry. Since you will have all your jewelry when you come home you can share your new stuff with me. 🙂 LOL Have fun and look forward to more posts. And send help on Candy Crush and Pengle.

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