Adventures on the Legend… of the seas

images1WGPUH7B“Grease” he said, when I inquired about his name. “Oh wow.. like in the movie with John Travolta?” … “No, no, no… grease.. K..R..I..S.. Kris!” We landed in Singapore and we’re in a taxi to the harbor to embark on our cruise to Australia. Kris is very amicable and he loves to laugh and we do lots of that along the way.

Singapore is shrouded in smoke from Indonesia, they are burning down their rainforests, so we can have cheap french fries. They export palm oil to the world and that incurs this awful price.. everything has consequences. Is this a price we are willing to pay? Little did I know we would not even sail out of this smoke for days on end.

Singapore is an island unto itself, gaining independence 50 years ago from Malaysia. Their schools are taught in English.. imagine that? Geographically challenged as I am I always thought Singapore was a part of China .. maybe I need to go back to school and do history and geography over again! Well not maybe…

This country of 19 million people is pristine and beautiful but we don’t get to see much of it, opting to stay in Hong Kong instead. Ah well another time perhaps.. I have a feeling we’ll be back here again. The ship awaits us and welcomes us aboard with-out line-ups (we ae in diamond class .. you know.. that VIP line you hate when other people are in it and you aren’t?)

We struggle with our luggage .. the LUG bag is getting heavier all the time. Deciding to bring our own bags on and off the ship is something we prefer,  instead of waiting hours for them once in our cabin or losing them once off the ship(that is in another blog when we were in Chile).lug

Our room is passable but one of the smallest rooms we have had, even though it is supposedly a deluxe balcony! My travel buddy cannot fit her suitcase into the closet, the wheels stick out from under the bed.. she is bruising up fast! When she hits her shin on the corner of my bed we start pushing the bed out of alignment to save her shins.

Funny story here, we end up at a free health seminar in the spa, on posture and back pain, spine alignment etc. Turns out our feet are not made right.. we need ‘happy feet’! Well this free seminar only cost us 199.00 each.. a small price to pay for these life-changing pieces of plastic insoles that we Velcro into our footwear.

Ryan, the health and physical fitness guru, makes my heart beat a little faster just gazing at him and listening to him talk ( I love the Aussie accent). When he asks me what I felt the best part was, about my new insoles ..I blurted out “you touching me” omg.. did I really say that? My travel buddy and our new friend Misha are laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes, I think they also liked his touch.

with-in a couple days my girlfriend figures she is much less clumsy on her feet, with the new insoles, and I have less back pain when doing a lot of walking. Hmmm maybe these insoles will be ok, and happy feet .. happy life? I think about my daughter and wonder if these would help her with her foot problems.

Day two on the ship has me scrounging for stuff in my suitcase.. it is formal night and what do my wondering eyes behold.. my jewelry bag appears in one of the secret nooks and crannies of this amazing LUG bag. My girlfriend is just as surprised as me .. we looked in every compartment for that elusive pouch hmmm. I can quit buying more jewelry now… ya right…

This ship is one of the oldest in the fleet and smaller than what we are used to. We are on deck 6 of 11 decks and right at the front in cabin 6000. Although older, it has been refurbished a few years ago and has a big screen on the pool deck for movies at night.

I am writing this on day eight of our voyage and it has been a smooth ride so far. We have had much more movement on much bigger vessels with less troublesome seas. This ship has about 1800 passengers and they are all from Australia .. well it just seems like it.

The trip has been the first one that we have not enjoyed our balcony. High winds.. rain and smoke have made it impossible to enjoy anything outside the enclosed atrium, with the swimming pool and hot tubs.

The whole ship is an enclosed entertainment center and shopping mall anyway. Oh and we will never starve for food or services of any kind, well the food will kill us eventually, but we have lots of Zantac! Oh.. and the bread pudding on here should have its own food group, it is that good.

flower ribbonShows and entertainment are good to passable .. a crafts project making ribbon roses confirms my ineptness at making anything out of paper. Everyone makes delicate roses while  mine looks like a dead cabbage!

The best part for me is having all these men waiting on us, serving us breakfast and making our beds. They clean up our messy room while we are out and about.. oh and Ryan touching me.. fitting me with insoles, that was very nice….ahhhhhhh

To be continued…







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