Flyscoot .. on a wing and a prayer.. maybe some drugs, we are on our way ‘Down Under’

4fc8470ee70c4e64b1d20375767f2254-scoot-staff-and-plane-flipper2My time at the lake has come to an end.. and where the heck did summer go? It is raining and cold and you can feel winter coming brrrrr. The next journey happens this very week after a short respite in Edmonton it is off to Hong Kong and Australia!

It started innocently enough.. browsing the deals Vacations to Go emails me all the time. I was bored and decided to check out the deals on cruises. I always click cheapest outside view and now Canadian money as well.

Up popped an Australian cruise on Royal Caribbean for 14 days, leaving from Singapore. Fourteen hundred dollars.. I have never been to Australia and my heart started to pump a little faster and I’m thinking hmmm… this cruise is also ticking off a few other places I haven’t been.imagesVMQV801D

Thailand, Malaysia and Bali as well as Indonesia along with two Australian ports and ending up in Perth! I immediately think of snorkeling the great barrier reef and being geographically challenged it never occurred to me I would be on the wrong side of that country for the ‘reef’.

1399436376050Things that I check out .. like how old is the ship and how big.. when was it refurbished, fall into my comfort zone. I love Royal Caribbean and the Allure of the Seas was our last adventure on that cruise line, check out my blog under ‘travel’  the biggest ship on the ocean.

My travel buddy says to check out airfare.. we need to get to Singapore and then back from Perth. That she wants me to check airfares gets me double excited because she didn’t turn me down right off the bat! Airfare could be the killer but nothing ventured…

My detective work finds really good deals and we can get there and back for less than fifteen hundred each. That brings our total to around three thousand. (when the dust settles I end up getting round trip tickets from Edmonton to Hong Kong for 695.00 apiece, all taxes and fees in..! ok.. so it is in American money but still ..) oh and that is on Air Canada one stop in Vancouver.images

The thing is.. getting to Singapore was a chore of long waiting times, and stops and .. and.. then getting into there just after midnight! My travel buddy and I are both retired so what is the rush to get there.. I decide we should stay in Hong Kong if we can get reasonable rates.

From Hong Kong we can fly into Singapore at a decent time and then board our ship. Returning we do the same thing, flying from Perth to Hong Kong I snagged a seat sale for 158.00 Canadian! It is with Flyscoot and they strap us to the wing.. for an extra 10.00 we can get a parachute!images9S84BKU5

All kidding aside, ferreting out some great deals has us going to Australia! We are staying there for five nights after the cruise and spending another three nights in Hong Kong on the way back, along with two nights on the way down.

The hotel in Perth is in Fremantle and on the ocean.. our hotel stay in Hong Kong is also really nice (total stay 5 nights). Flyscoot also takes us to Singapore.. with great inside seats this time. What kind of name is Flyscoot I wonder and what adventure lurks for us there?

When all is said and done we did ante up more money on the cruise.. opting for a deluxe balcony… to make up for being strapped onto the wing on one leg of our journey…lolroyal-caribbean_legend-of-the-seas_CABIN_6156

We will be gone almost a month and most of our meals are included, the hotels all include breakfast. Our holiday should come in at 4000.00 a piece,  the only invariable seems to be our dropping dollar .. darn!

I suppose we could have gone much cheaper but I like a nice hotel, and once you have had a balcony on a ship it is hard to go back to an outside window. Flying makes me somewhat fearful, so I take drugs and when we get strapped to the wing.. I will forgo the parachute…… in favor of more drugs.images

Stay tuned for our next big adventure I will be blogging about everything .. I can hardly wait. I hope to connect with a manufacturer while in Hong Kong for my inventions.. hmmm.. maybe I could write this trip off..