Love, sex and Mondays ..

imagesG9NU3WH6ahhhhh Monday has arrived.. it is the first of the month too, double whammy! We get to really renew and recharge and take on this new week .. hell.. this is a fresh,whole new month.. gung ho, bring it on.. I AM READY!!!

What is it about Mondays that renew our spirit I wonder? Well first off it puts a stop to the week-end binging, be it food or alcohol or maybe both.

If we didn’t have Mondays how would we know when this has to end and when that has to start.. our life.. our week-ends, whatever! We would have no break in our overindulgences. When would we start the healthy lifestyle choices we want to commit to.. well.. how would we know? images (113)

Most of us like the eating healthy and excersizing myth that Mondays regenerate. You know we aren’t going to stick to this for a whole week.. if we can only make it to the week-end.. we can start again on Monday!

Mondays may just be the most important day of the week. We never get everything done on Friday because..well.. it is Friday and it can wait til Monday, who doesn’t know that? 

untitled (98)I know I have things to do today because I remember thinking.. hmm I’ll do that on Monday. I hope they weren’t important hmmm.. ah well it’ll come to me, hopefully sooner than later and then I’ll think .. ah well.. it can wait till Monday, it is a vicious circle. (that is where that saying came from btw)

The myth that Mondays are started fresh and new is not really true either, precious few feel fresh and new. Most are worn out from packing all their fun into the week-end. The rest from doing the myriad of house chores, grocery shopping , laundry etc.imagesPTJWF1J2

Then there are the ones escaping to the lake, lucky people. Open the cabin late Friday, mow the lawn early Saturday, fix the boat the rest of the morning. Get it running  just in time to pull all your friends (that just showed up) waterskiing the rest of the day.

imagesAUU5LUXXWell they did bring a case of beer for all five of them.. and you end up drinking all night (thank god for the liquor store in near-by village) and into the next day. Then ‘poof’ they’re gone and you need to clean up, pack up and pull in the boat and .. and.. it is late Sunday night and geeze you feel like crap!

This is why we have Monday .. so all your friends can rave about what a great week-end they had at the lake.. your lake, your food , your boat. Where are you anyway.. aren’t you supposed to be at work?imagesF92NJD1Y

Ok now where was I.. oh right.. Mondays! They serve a purpose .. we need a beginning and we need an end.. to our weekends. See we start thinking about our next week-end on Mondays .. when our last week-end was officially over!

 We need Mondays to recuperate and.. re-evaluate our friends. Mondays are important for telling ourselves we are going to do better this week .. starting today.. well, right after I have this double mocha latte whipped cream soothing little drink from Starbucks. 

 images (8)Why can’t we just over-indulge on love and sex on the week-ends? That never made anyone hung-over, fat, sick or grumpy.. in fact Mondays could become obsolete.. I have never heard anyone complain of too much love and sex over the week-end have you?

Thank god for Mondays .. I personally love em.. but then I had a great one (week-end , that is).. just sayin ..