Confessions of a JUNK Drawer addict!

imagesK7X2YEBKConfessions Of A Junk Drawer Addict!

How do you get rid of stuff you might need and how do you know if you will need it, until, well.. you do? I have a love/hate little corner in my heart that is reserved for people that are organized. I try to remain unbiased and calm, but it is hard sometimes.

My daughter-in law and a niece are set in that mold. When they get together they wax poetic about stacking plastic tubs and rolling drawers that fit under beds. They share magazine pictures and whisper and share secret laughs.. at those of us that accumulate clutter (or is it my imagination?) sigh, I hate that!

Ok, so I loved it when she came south and helped me with organizing my cupboards. It was such a relief, and I loved her for it. My closet was also interesting to her, I could see her eyes twitch when she spotted some hangers on backwards. Ok, so a lot of things were just wrong, but she kept it to herself, yes I love her!

Well all of this is well and good but my focus today turns to junk drawers. I had to hire a professional organizer, my daughter-in law just does not have time, she co/owns and runs a busy catering company.images (120)

Renting out my condo while I spent 6 months down south seemed like a good idea at the time. The organizer came in and organized me out of my place with ease and it was virtually painless.

My place didn’t rent, although the rental agent felt free to accommodate herself here and use the pool facilities, hmmm.. but I digress. The time came to move back in and that was painful, although the organizer did all the big moving.

Turns out I have a lot of ‘stuff’, so I dealt with it as best I know how. Now if you are like me, please let there be other people like me, I had a couple of  ‘junk drawers’. Thanks to organizer they are now gone.. poof!

Now I ask you, and please be truthful, HOW can anyone live without a junk drawer? To live without a junk drawer is to live without hope of ever finding that something that you so desperately need right now.. and you know your junk drawer just might have it!

chrome thingy
Chrome thingy

It can be an elusive but important missing piece of something needed so you can finish the task at hand. Yes I know everything has a place but what the heck do you do with that piece of chrome thingy, that so obviously came off something important, but what?

You have to know what I am talking about, it can be a piece of adhesive or a screw or an odd shaped thinga-ma-giggy that you need for the whatcha-macall-it.. and now you need it. You remember seeing it somewhere at some point in time. imagesXICTVKQX

Now where is it? See,  if you are like me, you chucked it into the junk drawer. While I am in there I poke stuff around and see all sorts of interesting things I might need, and I confess.. I get a little bit excited.

I even had odd pieces of bling in my junk drawer. I would stop for a moment and picture what I could put some bling on next, then I’d  forget what I was looking for.

Any junk drawer worth its salt doesn’t just happen overnight you know, it takes at least a couple years to ‘seed’ it. Not just anything goes into it either, well ok.. mostly everything. I draw the line at tools, odd nails and screws make it in though, seems I am always looking for a nail. (notice I didn’t say screw.. your welcome 🙂

imagesNCPPCTKSBelieve me when I say I mourned the loss of that drawer. I made many pilgrimages to its site only to view the remains of ordinary everyday dish cloths, bah!

Then a miracle happened last week. I pulled out a miscellaneous box that I had shoved into my closet un-opened. It contained a cloth bag, the kind you use for groceries.. inside that was all my stuff from my junk drawer..omg!!!!

It was like Xmas and I got so excited it took me all of three seconds to rip out the squatter dishcloths and empty my treasure back into its rightful drawer! I have already opened that drawer many times, chrome thingy is still there!

Well I’d like to say this story has a happy ending, but alas it doesn’t, someone has screwed with my drawer! I was looking for a packet of the flower saver thingys that I always throw in there, and its a no-show. I don’t see any stray nails or screws either, hmmm what the hell?

Maybe.. just maybe, if all the stars align and I hold my tongue just so, my second junk drawer will appear! Deep with-in the bowels of brown boxes still unopened in my spare closet, could be all the missing stuff from my second junk drawer? Ah well, I can only junk drawer