Waiting for that ship to come in? Why not build it !

images8SEZL302How many times do we change course in our lives .. I wonder? Seems mine has taken so many twists and turns in the last five years, it is hard to imagine where I was and how far I have come.

The twists and turns have been not only surprising but remarkable as well. Had you told me I would be an inventor and a blogger five years ago I would have laughed and probably told you “I only wish”.

My dreams and my aspirations were buried deep in my psyche and not likely to be born into this life. But our spirit has a way of prodding and poking us and making it uncomfortable for those of us living on hold.

Celebrating a sixtieth birthday was exhilarating and maybe it had something to do with my yearning to make my life count for something. Knowing you have less life ahead of you than behind is a sobering thought. untitled (95)

My only accomplishment was tied into raising two loving and caring children and I can only say .. I did my best. That is all any parent can hope to do.. but we are not infallible.

Some of us .. I wonder how many.. know our course and chart it accordingly.. if you are one of them I would love to meet you. Why did it take me so long to realize that the power was always within me to change my own course?

That is what I struggled with the most and how on earth did I manage to get the courage to change? I needed to forgive myself for my weakness and move on. I think we all get our strength from different avenues and eventually, with luck .. make our way.

images9U9139L0Yes.. , if you are one of these people, struggling to just live day to day.. there is a better life out there ! How many times has Oprah said “live your best life”? Apparently not enough for me.. it took me into my sixties to change it!

Change it I did.. these past five years.. in increments.. finding my way.. it is like you are a child again exploring your options. It wasn’t without pain, loneliness and confusion and.. and.. a lot of listening to my heart and to my soul.

This struggle brought about many challenges .. the hardest part was peeling back and discarding the layers of hurt and indifference I used as a buffer from my own life. Once bare .. now what? Well I guess what I really wanted.. was for my life to count for something! Isn’t that what we all want?

Funny thing about that.. I am celebrating five years into my new life. Once the decision was made, my life gradually became my own again and everything I do..  directly correlates with who I have become.. someone I really like! Does this make any sense?imagesFXRE8O3K

You know.. writing down that last paragraph just gave me an ‘aha moment’ ..hmmm.. “everything I do, directly correlates with who I have become.. someone I really like” .. wow! That is pretty powerful for me, could that be what my purpose is?

Living our life .. really living our own life, feeling and giving and sharing and loving.. maybe that is what gives it purpose and justifies why we are here.

This journey has been so exhilarating.. not without its hills and valleys of course but I have lived every moment of it these past five years .. in the here and in the now! Also.. I have never looked back, not even once!

images (109)It really is true what Oprah said.. live your best life.. you possess the power to change your life.. and you know what? Everything does come to you.. when you are open to it and when you are ready.