although living in the present is all well and good.. sometimes tomorrow can’t come fast enough


imagesK2QGNTZJI know we should live in the moment and I like to think I do .. but thank god today is now yesterday and tomorrow is here! Sometimes we just need that extra break.. you know.. to start over again. What is it with  a new day..  it always brings new hope and a chance to start afresh.

New years resolutions are getting harder to keep about now and I’m struggling with that. Why do we do the resolution thing anyway? Something about a new year and new beginnings gets us all hyped up and ready to take on new challengesimages (81).

Health and fitness.. emotional commitments, work habits .. finances , whatever  we focused on.. we are almost a whole month into it now. How many of us are still at it I wonder? Thank goodness I didn’t need to quit smoking (did that 10 years ago), although I had a distinct longing for one today.imagesNO3G96O6

One cigarette would do me in and I would smoke the whole pack.. coughing and choking my way through until I got that one good drag of nirvana. I know that about myself so I stay away from ‘just a puff’. Food is a whole different ballgame because we need to eat to survive.

buns viagraNot wanting to bore you with the details.. but geeze.. it’s been a whole month (well.. almost..) keeping more or less on track and so far so good. Baking buns however was NOT a good idea but I promised them to the ‘Parkie’ bake sale.

Making a cheesecake dessert was complete folly.. it was kinda like taking that first puff..! So what is better than a nice warm bun out of the oven.. two warm buns? Seems like they were only teasers and although I have willpower .. ok I lied .. I had none untitled (64)after the first two… dam! The real butter was the culprit.. gotta have real butter!

So demolishing a few more buns was like .. ah well .. I’ve done it and omg they were sooooo delicious! I quickly divided up the rest (froze some for the bake sale) and took some of the cheesecake and the rest of the buns over to my girlfriends. The rest of cheesecake went into the fridge to be cut up later into squares. (mistake number two)

untitled (63)Coming back from cards at the clubhouse and a short visit with girlfriend to drop off goodies, I took the rest of the cheesecake out of the fridge. They needed to be cut into squares and the crust all around needed trimming.. ya right! While I am doing this I am watching a documentary on ‘Food and obesity’.

Now as the trimmed part of the delicious cheesecake is making it’s way into my stomach.. I am watching the documentary and it is truly imagesU8TYHNJEfrightening. White flour and sugar is slowly killing us and putting us on more and more medications..! This is making us really sick.. as I am trimming more cheesecake to disappear into the black hole .. all the while watching this fascinating drama unfolding.

Not content with just the cheesecake I find a piece of BBQ steak in the fridge and wonder hmmm… how old is this? After checking it over and smelling it, I deem it fit to eat, and proceed to trim off the fat (well I do have a little class.. very little).images2GDCCHFJ The documentary has this guy on a juice diet for 60 days and now I am getting thirsty.

I need something wet and .. well maybe some canned peaches to wash down all this bread and sugar .. peaches are healthy right? The leftover steak was a protein and we need protein and lots of fruit in our diet. While putting the untitled (67)cheesecake squares back into the fridge I notice the imagesESUIATSH‘Happy Cow’ low fat Swiss creamy cheese wedges. We also need dairy in a healthy diet.. hmmm

Seems like the more the guy loses on the documentary, with his fruit and vegetable juicer diet, the more I need to eat.. to keep up his strength! This documentary is truly frightening.. as  is the rate of me consuming whatever I find in the fridge, making it’s way into my mouth.

untitled (62)Well the documentary comes to a close (thank goodness) and he has lost 60 pounds.. I however.. have managed to put a months worth of sensible eating on hold. Having lost control over my binge, I decide to go to bed and call it a night.. after a big fat lapse in judgment. I am awake most of the night with terrible heartburn and finally get up and did the old baking soda trick .. relief at last!

Tomorrow comes and it is today and thank god for a new day and a new beginning.. I renew my vow of chastity.. oops wrong one .. (that will never happen). I resolve to get back into the saddle.. hmmm… well you get the drift. I’m thinking of maybe getting myself one of those juicers.. asimages3HBJSZNC well as keeping up on the cactus juice.. (see new years resolution’s blog).

Here’s to new tomorrow’s for those of us that really need them…