“Lets get this Body started”

images (52) A brand new month and this one starts off as a fool.. but I am past the fooling stage, or am I? Am I a fool to think I can maybe own and ride a Harley at my age.. sixtyish? I used to think guys going for them at that age were fools, why should I be different?

The challenge is real, I am not fit and I am overweight and I am not young anymore.. foolish hmmm.. well maybe so. Do I think that should stop me? Well Planet Fitness has a special starting today, I am digging out my sneakers and going to pour myself into spandex and hell yes!untitled (30)

Starting out is not so bad, I have already lost some of my winter layering. that’s a good one huh? That extra layer of insulation (fat) needed for the cold winter months in the north. The reality though is that I travelled south but didn’t inform the insulation crew of my plans.

images (47)Here I am with all these extra layers of insulation built up over the years and now how to get rid of them. I am sure they are toxic and I may need some help ‘exposing and disposing’. I am not naïve enough to believe I will get rid of every layer.. that just is not going to happen.

I will be content to shed the toxic layers only and keep the non toxic layers in place. We don’t have any illusions about a perfect body (insulation crew and myself). We only want the strength and agility to lift one leg over a Harley motorcycle and the strength to keep it right side up.images (51)

Its weird I know.. I gave up a lot of things after a forty year marriage and motorcycles was one of them. Harleys were too noisy and uncomfortable and the only real joy out of riding was the first half hour anyway! The challenges are real, I could die on one of these, and statistics are also not on our side.

untitled (29)Still.. who thinks of death when the excitement is high? I always made peace with death before a big ride anyway.. I had too, otherwise I would have worried the whole time on a big trip. I learned to keep my mouth shut or my visor down. Bugs hitting you at high speeds is freaking painful!

The weather is important while riding.. rain can hurt you! Heat is a killer and you can get chilled to the bone.. really! Motorcycles are not for the feint of heart, and as a passenger, motorcycle bum is a reality.. thank god for those lambskins thingys.

images (49)Don’t get me wrong .. I am NOT going to be a passenger, uh uh, been there done that! I am aspiring to have my own bike.. I say that lightly because .. well, the insulation crew is kinda lazy and they don’t mind packing it in but taking it out is another matter entirely.

April fool.. ? Maybe.. but nothing ventured, nothing gained or make that lost, insulation crew is waiting and I say “lets get this body started!”