Leaders and bleeders.. who will win in the end or will we all lose?

imagesMOVLCNQZI guess Rob Ford was our Donald Trump and maybe Trump has gotten so far because we are sick of protocol and niceness and rules and proper “don’t offend anyone, language.”

I’m not saying it’s right what they do, but sometimes, maybe sometimes.. we want to see a real human being. Someone that makes mistakes like us. Maybe they mirror what we feel once in awhile and know we shouldn’t.

We don’t need these morally wishy washy and sometimes corrupt and even racist people as our leaders. We know they are inferior, we know their standards, we know their weaknesses and what makes them imperfect.. but just maybe.. we can relate?

We surely view them as inferior but maybe that is how some of us feel inside too? If they can overcome those odds just think what we can do .. if given a chance? Figuring out why we are actually standing by and watching this train wreck is why I am writing this I guess.

Whatever it is I am at a loss. I’ll be the first to admit my turmoil with issues about immigration and racism, we have it in our country too. This doesn’t make me a racist and I would certainly only discuss it with my closest friends. I am more for inclusion but how to make it good for everyone and not just a few.

This brings me to rules and do we need a law for every single thing? Why can’t common sense prevail? There has been this movement away from common sense and well.. lord help us when we make all these laws that will sanitize every single thing we do.

What kind of example are we showing to the world with people like Trump and Rob Ford? I know we are democratic countries and freedom of speech and all that, but really .. do you have to make our ears bleed??? Well.. do you?

I am a stereotype and old I guess, but hopefully a younger generation will stand up and be counted. I want them to say “We want to read and write and do math with-out a calculator! We want to be graded on our tests and we want to have winners and losers!'”

Most of all I want them to say “we want honest, caring and morally upstanding leaders to lead us!”  That is what leaders are supposed to do .. lead by example. The world is watching.. not just us.