Riding a Harley.. is it like riding a horse?


untitled (29)Well lifting weights was way down on my list of priorities (if I had a list) right before poking needles in my eyes. Recently a new idea has been niggling at the back of my brain. Driving a Harley has somehow caught my fancy. I used to own a half of one in another life, I always rode on the back as a passenger.

I do have my motorcycle license but.. but.. that doesn’t mean I can drive one. In order to drive a motorcycle I think it is imperative that you be able to pick it up and put it right it if it falls over, don’t you?

With this in mind I am thinking about going to the gym and doing weights .. not serious weight training but just lifting some weights to get some arm strength required to drive those puppies.. might be a good idea.

Leg lifts may also be on the agenda because in order to drive one you first need to get your leg up and over to the other side of it. This sounds easy enough for you tall people that are not carrying around a skinny person inside of you, like I am. That skinny person is also built close to the ground, as am I.

untitled (28)Being a pensioner should not enter the equation .. or should it? We should not set boundaries until actually thinking it through or maybe if I think about it too much ..hmmm. Faced with not being able to do it makes me more determined to give it a shot.. why not?images (46)

I would definitely need a low-rider type of bike and losing weight and building strength in my arms is a must! These are not insurmountable goals are they? I have always been a passenger and have traveled thousands of miles even..  on two big bike trips.

We (the ex and I) once went down on a bike, turning a corner for gas at Primm (close to Vegas) we fishtailed on spilled oil. We were not hurt but omg .. that bike took the both of us to put it back upright.

Owning my own snowmobile and scooter and various bikes .. how is it I never drove a motorcycle? Well I did once way back when, I did get my license. I will need a helmet for sure unless I want to be a brain donor. I have the Harley boots already but got rid of my helmet long ago.

images (45)
is this more my speed maybe?

We need to stretch our wings and our imagination as we age.. lets face it, time really is not on our side anymore. Father time kind of sucks anyway, he hates women, never giving us enough time to get ready for anything. Now if we had a Mother time .. well it speaks for itself.

my harley 2
low rider Harley

I took a little break from this blog to go have coffee with a girlfriend and look what I run into at the end of my block .. I was on my bicycle, the other gal who looked to be 10 years older than me, was on her ride! Lord .. is this a sign, am I on to something here, yes I definitely am on the right track!.

She tells me there is no comparison to riding as a passenger, then asks if I have ever ridden a horse? Well yes I have and she gives me a wink.. hmmmm, I wonder what that means. Harley has lessons for women and there is a whole club of women riders ranging in all ages up to and including age 85.

my ride and .. my future ride?
my bicycle and my future ride.. maybe?

Next stop is Planet fitness and the fitness expert there is a picture of fit and happy and she agrees to whip me into shape if I will give her a ride on my bike when and if I get one… whoa Nelly… !




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    1. I think you mean ‘wakes’ up the dead? lol I will need to borrow my son’s bike.. they are too expensive for me, I think.

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