Lest we forget.. I stand on guard for you dad

I wrote the following over a year ago.. remember the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, killed and dismembered in Turkey? He was self-exiled ex-pat from Saudi Arabia and living in America. Turns out it was proved the Saudis murdered him. I am going to remember him on remembrance day because my dad fought in world war two, for freedom from oppression!

Here is what I wrote

In what world is it ok to murder and dismember a prominent dissident/immigrant whom was living in one of the greatest countries in the world (or so it is said) the USA. A Saudi expat making a new life with his future fiancé.. a working journalist for the Washington Post.

Saudi Arabia’s hit men arrived in their own jet into Turkey and blatantly killed and dismembered one of their own that spoke out against the ‘crown prince in waiting’ of that country. Just like that .. !! Maybe you don’t care, or you .. or even you, but I care so much it hurts.

I am horrified by what took place in Turkey. Then there is Putin in Russia also sending out hit men to kill those that oppose him, poisoning them on English soil yet! Evil is evil where-ever it rears its ugly head.

Our parents and grandparents made sacrifices and lived and fought not one, but two world wars. Most of us don’t know what it is like to fight for the freedoms we take for granted. Children today have no comprehension of war and genocide. How can we turn a blind eye to such an atrocity?

My children, yours and mine have to grow up in this new landscape that is being cultivated by evil and manipulative killers and genocide experts. Lest you think we are safe, think again, our freedoms our democracies and very sense of decency are now all at risk.. Thank god Saudi planes are no longer landing in Canada! (Saudi Arabia’s decision to punish us for speaking out against this terrible, blatant murder!)

Lest we forget.. I care deeply. My dad and all his brothers went to war for us and witnessed stuff that they refused to share once back home because it was just so awful. This is for you dad.. I never thanked you for what you did for us. I am thanking you now and I stand on guard in your memory and for the future of my children and grandchildren..


Since writing that a year ago there is even more evil gradually but surely seeping into our democratic countries. My dad is gone, I’m glad he is not here to witness the atrocities being committed in Syria. Everything these brave men fought for is gradually being eroded .. for what?????

We cannot take democracy for granted and we need to be united in this. We need intelligent leaders, or at the very least elect those that have common sense and decency and will stand up to the evil happening every single day right under our noses!

I am too old to go to war but I would, for my kids to live free! I can write and I am not fake news, each of us has to take a stand and be vigilant. “We stand on guard for thee” FOR ALL DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES ..

Dad.. I am thinking of you and I’m finally understanding what it is that you needed to fight a war for. I’m trying to do my best to make others aware as well. Thank you for giving up a part of your life and for having the courage to fight for what you believe in. What it did to your soul we will never know, but it must of been hell.

I am only one person but .. but I promise you Dad, “I stand on guard” ..


my dad on the left and his brother, one in the infantry and one in the marines




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