Carbon economies, politics and sex (ok so.. I made that last part up, or did I? )

images (53)My friend .. my  ‘go to guy’ when I have mixed feelings about worldly matters and politics specifically.. chimes in on my latest blog post. Here is his views and his words verbatim.

The Rob Ford, Donald Trump type politician, and to a lesser extent  Bernie Sanders, Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau are all indications that the “people” are unhappy.. that’s you , me, and our neighbors and relatives..

I think the conservative theory that making things advantageous for the corporations, making the rich richer, is good for the ordinary family .. has run its course.  That it has had its chance and didn’t seem to work out the way it was supposed to.. now.. I don’t think that the “people” have decided yet, what is a better way to go..

I think that right now the People are just tired of the old way.. so what we are seeing is change for changes sake.. and by golly Rachel was imagesKQ01PSFKa change.. Justin was a change.. but both of them are on probation and if they don’t make a difference in their first term ..well.. we will try another bunch..!

I don’t think we are going back to the old ways… kinda like a revolution in thinking, in slow and dignified motion.. And ya know if the climate change folks keep getting into the heads of the “people” its going to take a revolutionary leader to lead us out of the carbon economy that we are so heavily invested in.

imagesTUXNDTTIImagine the changes that the next generation..yep the kids of today.. are going to have to go through.. and the number of industries and jobs that are going to disappear.. and the new things that they are going to have to learn.. yep we are in a time of change.. and change is never tidy.. lots of winners and losers as we transition to a new normal…

Our generation is the lucky one.. we are already retired and don’t have to try and survive and adapt to the new normal.. but we do have a say in who is going to lead us to the new normal..   And speaking of the new normal.. Saskatchewan is looking to resist change by re-electing Brad Wall .

I think the election is tomorrow.. I checked the rig count.. number of drilling rigs working.. and at the peak of the winter drilling season Saskatchewan had zero rigs working this year.. I think it was 36 rigs working the year before.. potash prices are down.. uranium sales have slowed.. so lets see how Brad manages his way through the tough times.. oh sure he did great during the good times.. but that’s the easy part.

My friend is talking about my own home province in Canada. The good thing is that we are not dependent on an oilbased economy likeimages (54) say.. Alberta. We also were a ‘have not’ province for so long that this boom that has happened in the last 6 years is still a ‘bonus’ for us. We were the number one economy in North America a short two years ago.. and dam.. I am missing an election! (but not the hype that goes with it, thank goodness)


He is right I think.. major changes are on the horizon for all of us in North America.. so lets make wise decisions, ok?