Justin baby.. can you hear me??????

Being old and in my senior years and a woman to boot, well hmmm.. who is going to listen to me? Certainly not my children, but I am going to take a stab at this anyway. I voted for you Justin, and have such faith in your abilities to lead our country. You are a father of young children so I know you want the best for them, and in turn for all of us, as a country.

We are not prone to drawing political lines in this country as are our neighbors to the south. We tend to vote for the person whom we think will do the best job of keeping Canada the best place in the world to live. Myself and many others still feel this way, we voted for you.. not my kids nor my relatives from Alberta, though.

We are such a great country and I love it that we are open to peoples from all over the world. Immigration is what has enriched this place we call home, we are all children of immigrants. I also love it that we stand up for human rights and I truly hope we do not give in to the Saudis.

That they still behead people and murder and dismember dissident’s no matter what country they are currently residing in, is a travesty. Please keep up the arms length distance from Russia as well, another murderous thug. What has happened to our world that these morally corrupt leaders are getting away with murder and atrocities, beyond our imagination?

I don’t care that we seem to be alone in this.. we stand for something or we stand for nothing! You can’t even know how grateful I am that we have someone like you as a moral compass.. not anything like what our southern neighbors are having to deal with. Sure you are not perfect, but I for one am ok giving you some slack.. as you grow into this big job you have taken on.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty of my Sunday rant. The time has come to make some tough decisions and we in the west need you to man-up and bring in a solution to our ‘oil crisis’ . We all believe in conservation and environmental responsibilities, but we also have to balance this with our livelihoods and putting food on the table ‘so to speak’.

I liked that you bought the pipeline, I figured you had a bigger picture in mind and you were just awaiting the right moment to let us in on it. Well now the doubt is setting in and Rachel, in the west, is starting to look pretty good to me and how many others? Let’s not build walls of hate and suspicion .. let’s figure it out.

That I haven’t given up on you annoys my kids no end. However.. you need to let us in on the big picture, or do you have one.. I am starting to wonder? Are we in the West going to have to fight alone, or are you going to finally stand up and be counted as The Prime Minister for ALL Canadians?

Oh Justin.. I still have such faith in you, please don’t let me down. We all want what is best for Canada and we care about our environment too. We can find a solution surely? We can compromise and still be united as a country for all.. we even wrote a song about it….

“O Canada.. WE stand on guard for thee”…