Caffeine revolution .. you bet your sweet ass!

Exquisite Luxury Single Origin Coffee
In Liquid Single Shot Pods
Fine Coffee. Ready in 60 Seconds
Without Machines

Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You whoever you are and you know who you are!!! People unite and smash those dam Kuerig pots, espresso presses, latte machines, coffee grinders and any other dam germ filled, out of order, not working, clogged up coffee dispensing P.O.S. (piece of shit)!!

As of right how I have three of them.. honest to god truth.. none of them are worth the money I paid. They should have paid me to use them, because those pods are not cheap! Some I had to disguise as Kuerig pods, they were cheaper but wouldn’t work in my Kuerig! Lordy lordy, I can’t even believe I put myself through that torturous process just for a morning fix of caffeine.

Remember when we used to all drink ‘instant’ coffee? Sanka comes to mind and believe it or not over in Europe they still drink Sanka! ok so a lot of you are not as old as me and can’t relate but believe me .. that stuff was nasty, but we got used to it. It was easy .. just scoop out a teaspoon full of instant coffee and add boiling water.

FAST FORWARD TO #CATERSOURCE2018.. I stumbled across this tradeshow find, looking for a coffee. I was minus money once again and Fausto was nowhere to be seen. This was just as well, seeing as how I still owed him 10 bucks for a piece of fruit and a donut I had bought for yesterdays breakfast.

Just another balanced meal at this conference dealing with all things related to the food industry. I looked down at the pods these two gals were using and immediately thought .. ok .. another dam pod for a machine! Boy was I wrong, these gals were brewing up espressos, lattes and even frappes BUT, I just wanted an ordinary coffee.. is that to much to ask?

So ok.. you with me so far? That’s good because what I am going to share with you is going to make you a ton of money in your catering business, if you offer coffee services. First off the machines have to go.. get rid of em all! If you never bought into them then good on you, it cost more for the employees you need to run them anyway.

Bring out that 100 cup coffee urn and put a cover on it or paint it or do whatever you need to make it look pretty. These little pods from heaven are liquid gold.. literally!  “Small batches fresh roasted and fresh ground.. brewed for hours and hours in their unique Micro-Filtery using a precise combo of art and science .. to produce a coffee that soothes the soul.” I quoted that from the brochure : )

This is great for me personally, because I can’t make coffee worth a shit! In our catering company I DO NOT make the coffee, if I do, chances are you won’t drink it. This is why I rely on the Kuerigs of the world and I am on my third or fourth machine. The last one was rescued from my shed (banished there to die a lonely death).. by my uncle who desperately wanted a decent cup of coffee.

He fixed it and it worked for the couple days he was here.. then it bled out all over my counter and floor each time I tried to use it. Ok enough of all my BS.. lets get down to the nitty gritty of this product. I tried it and I am blown away, it was GOOD and no bitter taste at all. The literature says the BEST coffee in the world BAR none.. they could be right…

Pods range in price from 6.99 for ten to 29.95 (I looked prices up on their website). A caterer friend of mine says he will charge 5.95 a cup, but I am more modest and would charge 3.50 for the cheapest one. We are talking exotic beans btw .. from Malabar and Ethiopia, Nilgiris and Indian Vilasita as well as Columbia. (apparently they also have special batches for caterers)

This is not rocket science .. I do not get paid from them or anyone to tout this product, but hey.. tell em the gal from Canada told you about this. I might get a freebie, god knows we all appreciate freebies right? My interest is purely to make more money for our company.. and they made it idiot proof.. even I can make the coffee now! gotta love it

Check them out and go forth and prosper…