Facebook massacre … like watching a sinking ship

images (105)The bloody ongoing battle on Facebook over the American presidential elections is like watching the Titanic slowly sinking.. you want to send in a lifeboat but you already know the outcome.

The following is a post from one of my friends (a caterer from Alaska) on Facebook .. I did not include the whole post but you will get the drift. This is the second person in a week that has come across my newsfeed and decided to leave Facebook. She announced why.. and still others are threatening to leave as well.

“Sorry Facebook, but I must leave you. The majority of our friends and family are civil and take care to listen to all opinions when discussing politics. The ‘in your face, shove my opinion down your throat’ has to go away. See you after the November elections.”

Now you would think that being from Canada would insulate me from all the hateful verbaige proliferating on this social media site. Not so.. mostly because the majority of my Facebook friends are Americans. Seems like I have a ringside seat, and it is not pretty.

Could this be the first American Election won or lost, maybe..  but definitely being fought on Facebook? Is that even a possibility? Social media has a role here, but what kind of role and at what cost?

I spend my winters in the south, I also try to keep my opinions on this election to myself .. well ok that is a lie, but I try to be discreet.. at least I hope so, does blogging count?

My gut feelings on all this is everyone is going to lose something. A lot have already lost credibility and some their dignity, and still others have lost good friends.. for what?

The whole world is watching this play out.. how can we not? America is a country to be reckoned with, for sure, but  what we are seeing is certainly not encouraging.. is this how civil wars start?

Why even care what the rest of the world thinks, you may wonder? Well we care what happens in America because we are neighbors and part of a whole democratic society. We also care about world peace, even if walls are built you can’t live in a vacuum.

Countries that rule by democracy need to insure stability in the world by example.. freedom of speech is one such example. Communist ruled countries don’t have this basic freedom.

I sure hope they don’t have access to Facebook.. not because I believe in censorship but because I am appalled and ashamed of how most are behaving on there. Check it out for yourself, you wont have to go far, any political statement on there will bring on a massacre of both presidential candidates..  untitled (72)

We may have freedom of speech, but by God (or anyone’s spiritual being) when the content contains hate, bigotry, ignorance, anger and intolerance .. we all lose!! .. and will that leave us open to losing our own freedoms in the end.. I wonder?

‘Democracy is a privilege and we need to show respect for it.’

(if no one else said this then I want to take credit)