Joy-suckers.. and Mary (not the virgin)

A joy-sucker is someone that sucks the joy out of life.. do you have one in your circle? There you are bouncing merrilee along and run right smack into a joy-sucker! Once the encounter is through you are not bouncing anymore but actually dragging your butt and wondering what just happened?imagesDZSLDBAJ

If you turn quickly enough you may catch a little smile on joy-suckers face and notice a little skip in their walk. See.. once joy-sucker has finished with you, their job is done .. mission accomplished. They have ruined your day and they get this good feeling in them that they have set yet another person straight about this serious business of life.

The joy-suckers are everywhere and you need to be aware of them.. only because if you have one in your life then you will never be truly happy. They are clever and reel you in carefully and will sometimes even nurture you until you trust them again with your happiness, and then zap … it’s gone.untitled (83)

I really feel that they are not happy themselves, maybe they need to steal your happiness for that very reason. Be careful of negative people (joy-sucker alert!) or worriers (joy-suckers in training) and the martyred (well.. they are beyond sucking joy.. they just get an inner satisfaction from being on a cross, or having to bear everyones cross.. they are equally depressing ) you need to keep your distance or they will have YOU building a cross for them.

 A martyr will not steal your joy because they are incapable of feeling joy, they are afraid if they allow it into their lives it will be snatched away anyway. The negative people always jump into something bad.. “did you see Marys beautiful white coat?” ..negative person.. “well you know that is an accident waiting to happen!” Worrier.. “Yes it is nice but you have to be so careful wearing it, everything shows on white.. what if she spills something on it”.

The martyr “Mary always gets new stuff.. I wish I could afford a new coat.” And poor Mary… well she was really happy with her new coat and picked up negative person and worrier and the Martyr to go for coffee. She left the biggest joy sucker at home because he didn’t like her friends. (she was still married then)untitled (82)

imagesMEK7BKAKThey went to Starbucks (because they were in the states and there was no Tim Hortons). Mary ordered a double mocha Java. Negative person just ordered a glass of water because she wasn’t going to spend all that money on a coffee (American money too!), oh.. and I should mention here that negative people always seem to be cheap as well.

 Worrier figures out the exchange and decided a small coffee wouldn’t break her. Martyr  rolled her eyes and wondered why Mary didn’t just make coffee at her place now she had to spend more money she couldn’t afford.. she ordered tea.

Once they had their drinks in hand they carried them to a table where Mary went to sit down and spilled the mocha Java down the front of her beautiful new coat. She was wishing she had an invisible bib on because she tended to wear what ever she was drinking or eating (she wished someone would invent one, because she would surely buy it).

Negative one said that was why she just had water (she didn’t want to appear cheap but they all knew she was cheap anyway). Worrier said “I knew it!” “I just knew that would happen!” “I was worried when you ordered that.. I figured you would spill it!” Martyr just sighed and said “that is why I ordered tea, it’s much easier to get out a stain”.images0XPT171J

Mary looked around at her little group of friends and thought.. why didn’t I just stay home, then she remembered why she wanted to get out of the house in the first place.. hmmm..

Mary went to the bathroom and cleaned as best she could, the stain from her coat. She then went and bought negative person a coffee to go and went back to the table. Mary took off her coat and gave it to Martyr (she seen that Martyr really liked her coat). Mary was always giving away jewelry and stuff that her friends admired, it made her feel happy inside.

Mary took them all home and wished them well.. she knew she would be seeing less of them. Once home she made another decision that changed her life forever. She traded in the joy-sucker at home for a little lamb (whose fleece was white as snow) and she named her..  Joy.

images3W5YXQWFAnd now Mary lives everyday with Joy in her heart (well she had to get rid of the lamb because they couldn’t have pets in her new condo). She went on to invent an invisible bib and she acquired a whole new set of friends.. and .. and..

Mary just wants you to know.. if you are not happy..  maybe take a look around you and see who you are allowing to suck the joy out of your life.





4 thoughts on “Joy-suckers.. and Mary (not the virgin)

  1. Very good story and so true “Mary”. Hope I am not one of those kind of people but a friend worth having.

    1. All my fiends are worth having, without friends we would be very lonesome indeed! Besides I need someone to buy my coffee.. lol.

  2. Martha Stewart…….Emily Ellyn…….. And, NOW!!!!!!!!!! Drum roll, please!!!!!!!!…………..Jack Milan! Now, you can rest in peace! No more joy suckers for you!

    1. Joy-suckers with a hyphen Jack.. lol. The friends I have made in these last few years has brought a lot of joy into my life and I love the energy positive attitudes of the people around me. Especially the excitement of those still learning and stretching and building their businesses and setting their goals .. it is humbling. We have no time for those that suck the joy out of us.. we just don’t.

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