Martha Stewart and me

Martha Stewart ❤️Martha Stewart

Today was like no other day.. well it was actually the same as yesterday except I am baking a dish for a block party. Then around noontime today I checked my emails. it says I have a notification from pinterest.

It is from my blog site of my-third life and it says Martha Stewart is now following you. Hmmmm at first I think well.. this is kinda different, then I look again and she is following all three of my boards.. (what the heck.. I haven’t posted anything lately). It has been so long that I don’t remember my last pin.

After the initial surprise wears off I think.. WOW.. THE Martha Stewart.. following ME? My second thought is WOW again.. then.. why me ? I do very little pinning and only pin stuff I really like. I am not a professional pinner by any stretch of the imagination and do mostly food pins.

Then it comes to me .. aaahhhh… she is reading my blog! My pinterest is connected to my blog. Now I am wondering.. hmmm.. which posts is she reading? I hear she is single again, is she reading my posts on uncensored about dating and sex?

Well of course that must be it.. oh Martha .. we need to talk. Those dating sites are hell, there are some guidelines we need to follow (us both being single and all). We need to ‘pin’ a few rules about those sites .. maybe I will fill her in and she can embroider them on a doily or something (I am not crafty or sewy).

Then we need to have the ‘you know what talk’ about hmmm.. eating cake ! Yes that’s it having your cake and eating it too.. new rules when you are older.. all bets are off. I picture us having coffee and discussing all this while we talk about our love of creativity and making spectacular FOOD things TO DISPLAY in old crockery or vases or whatever..

Why Martha Stewart, I wonder.. my sister is the crafty one, and my nieces..  not me. I love food and the presentation of it. I like to put food in unusual containers and surprise people. While this fantasy is playing out, another thought occurs to me.. do I need to follow her back? 

Then another thought occurs.. I HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS FACEBOOK WORTHY! Yes.. !! Oh thank you..  thank you Martha. I really needed a lift this week.. it has been a little stressful and sometimes you just need a little boost.

So up on Facebook it goes and I enjoy my five minutes of fame until someone decides to burst my little bubble of happiness. This may not be Martha Stewart after all and why the heck would she be following little old me anyway? Well I thought the same thing but never thought it wouldn’t be the real her?

Why would someone go to all that trouble to look like the real Martha? And why would someone want to burst my lovely bubble? Gee I was just getting into it and poof.. dissension sets in. 

Martha if it is really you.. send me a sign of some kind.. put the non-believers out of their misery because you didn’t follow them (ok just kidding.. need some humour here). One of my nieces called you a not nice name, but she was just mad because you didn’t follow her (btw.. she is not my favorite.. well.. not anymore). God I hope she doesn’t read my blog.

Anyway Martha or who-ever you are .. I am glad you took the time to follow me and I am going to follow you too .. but only on the food ones ok?  Should you decide you want to go for coffee and discuss dating and men I am free most evenings (ya… you too huh?). It sucks sometimes but then the married friends start complaining and I feel better and even kinda smug.. well you know what I mean .. there are some perks to being single.

say.. you don’t happen to know Tom Selleck do you? … just curious…