plugged in.. will we ever die.. or just get unplugged?

textmessage3My granddaughter, whom is seventeen, texted me this morning. Nana come home. Time is up. See.. I am in Arizona for the winter and pushing it for all it is worth. I decided I had enough of snow and bought a little nest here.

My kids are grown and grandkids are almost there as well. They seem to have their owns lives and I rarely get invited in. It is not that they don’t care or don’t love me.. it is just different now. They are plugged in and they have instant knowledge of what I am doing and what all their friends are up to as well.

We don’t need to be face to face to see if I’m still living (the age old lament of parents) “for all you know I could be dead, that’s how often I see you!” hmmm.. she answers “Well I just read your blog nana and if grampa reads it (my ex), he might wish you were!” lol

So it is I am down here for so long.. we have ‘facetime‘ on our phones, which is cool but I hate that camera. Some old gal keeps showing up on my screen. It is the same one that follows my girlfriend and I on cruises and wears my clothes in all our pictures.

She has a stalker that does the same thing! If we ever see those two old ladies.. you’ll see us skipping down the road with a baseball bat singing “someone’s gonna get it!” (we seen that little caption about best friends on Facebook btw.. so appropriate for us).

As I read her text.. I notice the last text she sent. She was in her psychology class. She periodically sends me cryptic assignments.. the one before this one, was.. what were  my life’s-end regrets (from an elder.. yet). She had me with one foot in the grave.. although times sure change. Six months later, she asks me if she can move in with me when she graduates. (I have a new condo in the city .. with a pool and a gym)

ok.. now where was I? oh right..  her last text before the ‘come home one’.. nana I need to ask you for advice on life. What is your advice for me? Well it didn’t take me very long to send her the first three and the forth. It was the fifth one that took me a long time.text4

There is so much negativity out in the world today and bullies and.. and.. I needed to say something she would know came from my heart and I really needed her to know that she is not alone.

Well it being Easter and all..  I will share this with all of you, my friends (I know she won’t mind). Maybe some of you will agree with what I chose to say.. or maybe.. maybe not?

 1) Never have a baby until you are married to a man that loves YOU more than himself.

2) Never let anyone dis-respect you .. especially boyfriends (I wish I would have had that advice early on , or maybe I did but didn’t listen)

3) You need to get a higher education so you can realize your full potential in the workforce of your life.

4) Make sure to be a forgiving and a kind person as well as honest.(I know she already is that person)

This final one .. the fifth one.. took me longer and I just wanted her to know how special she is,  not just to me but to everyone around her.

5) Always, always be excited about life and your place here. You have so many people that love you and even if I am not around here or on earth, I will still be with you in your heart rooting for you.. never ever forget that ok?textmessage


A little footnote here.. I also get a text from my daughter yesterday with a picture of four Easter baskets and her cryptic message “I am Easter” (she is the mom of my two grandchildren and is dating a man with two younger children). I then remember my Christmas blog about me ‘being Xmas’…lol

We all stay in touch but in different ways and by different  means… and when we need each other we are just a text away. I know.. but better that than nothing…

(Gee.. I wonder what  kind of mark she got on her psychology paper)