Johnny Reid and shower heads from heaven (I love them both)


My plans to go to the Ex materialized while I was sitting here in my office. Girlfriend texted, pretty much begging me to go with her! Although reluctant to leave my little peaceful lake time retreat, I did have a mission to accomplish office at the lake

Last year I bought a shower head that a salesman guaranteed I would be more than satisfied with. I had such a miserable shower head that it was painful to even shower in my otherwise lovely large bathroom. He assured me he has  worked the Ex every year and to come back and see him the next year. I paid the hundred dollars and hoped this thing would work!

I finally got it installed a couple months later.. well.. its a guy thing, had to wait til I had one (guy, that is…lol) then had to wait for the right time to introduce him to my bathroom.. “gee do you think you could hook this up for me?”  “Um.. no thanks.. I like to shower alone” ha ha.

Took my first shower and I was in love.. with the shower head! It was like entering the rain forest in your birthday suit.. warm and lovely and gently falling all over you. Lots and lots of water just caressing and soothing every ache and pain..omg! My daughter and my granddaughter both loved my shower as well.

Ok so where was I.. right.. time to go to the Ex. Johnny Reid is playing the grandstand and I love his song ‘Dance with Me’ . When I hear that song , I break into song and it is not pretty but I really don’t care.. that song just moves me and makes me feel so good..hmmm… I agree to go with my girlfriend and her begging was unnecessary but I didn’t tell her that.10590408_739063512801492_5840857332813354590_n[1]

We get there and there is a line-up already! He doesn’t perform until 8:30and it is only 6:00pm.  Oh hell, do we really have to stand in line.. Well yes I guess we do, we really want to go to this show. So she stands in line and I go get something to eat and need to bring her something back as well.

Meantime my daughter is at the Ex and I run into her and her boyfriend and a friend of his. They inform me the friend has passes to a meet and greet Johnny Reid that he really doesn’t want. LIKE REALLY ?? OMG! He is willing to sell them so I offer him 20 bucks but he only gives me one pass. It is all the money I have so my daughter suggests finding him a date and he will give me the tickets.. .ha ha.

So I make a deal.. he can have my girlfriend after the concert and if he really likes her he has to give ME forty bucks!! Anyway my daughter gives him the other 20.00 and I now have meet and greet passes for Johnny Reid! I find my girlfriend in line (we now don’t need to stand in line) and she is so excited ! Well I am very excited as well Scottish men are so sexy to me!

She asks how I managed that and I told she only had to sleep with one guy after the show and we were good to go.. and if he really liked her we’d have forty dollars spending The great thing about being over 60 yrs old is that we can pretty much get away with saying anything and we have a lot of fun with that.

Johnny Reid is such a gentleman and so nice and he is very good looking! Omg that guy has sexy written all over him. I love his accent and I want to squish him to me and feel his bum (apparently someone else beat me to it.. ah well) I do have some couth.Johnny Reid and me

He takes the stage and proceeds to entrance and hypnotize us with that raspy.. sexy..  gravelly  mesmerizing.. did I mention sexy.. voice! he treats us to new one about the women in his life (I would certainly like to be one of them… darn) it is going to be an amazing hit and I love it!  He picks a little girl out of the crowd and brings her onstage for one number and goes into the crowd and croons to another girl in a wheelchair and he has all of us in the palm of his hands.IMG_4660 video of Johny Reid

Did I mention that soothing sexy voice of his? He is not afraid to come into the grandstand and he works his way all over that place .. wow! What a performer and what a crowd pleaser! When the show is over he stays and sings another set of songs.. omg he is so good! He does not sing my favorite song but I am more than thrilled to have actually met him and I totally enjoyed his concert and now I need to buy his music… ! I am in love…

So girlfriend and I eat our way back into the buildings (add exhibition-fat to holiday-fat and lake-fat) and I buy three more shower heads.. lol (same guy from last year) I need them for my cabin and a place down south..The rainforest is going with me.. where ever I go .. it goes.. ! My girlfriend ends up buying one and so does my daughter!the best shower head ever!

I have to say that I am one happy camper! Johnny Reid and the rain life is full!

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