Coffee.. can you smell it? (the pod people are getting rich off us!)

When I woke up I had no idea what the day would have in store for me. Lake time is laid back and first thing is to check out the window and have a peek at the weather, which I already know is good because I have both windows open in my bedroom.

I throw on a snugly robe and set about making a pot of perked coffee. I started cleaning the Kuerig a couple weeks ago and figure I have put the vinegar through it a kazillion times. Try making coffee for company (two people ) and only I/4 of a cup comes through and it takes forever for that measly 1/4 of a cup! Then try making two cups! images[7]

So here’s the deal.. when you come over to my place for coffee (at the lake of course).. and you know who you are, could you make your own coffee and bring it with you, oh.. and may as well bring a carafe of coffee with you, I’d like some too.

Now to share some important information with everyone that reads this.. are you ready? When you bring home that new coffee pot it comes with a long plastic ‘looks like a plastic tie tighten around stuff? It apparently.. is important!!!!!! USE IT TO CLEAN THE KUERIG COFFEE POT ! I know.. I threw mine out too! Like who knew ????

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST please tell everyone! My new/old best girlfriend (see: today I got back my best friend blog post) shared that with me, but if she was a true friend she would lend me hers.. don’t you think? Well that’s what I thought too.. but she is not budging.. dam!

Ok now onto the perked coffee.. I purchased a tin blue coffee pot (they still sell them for camping) and had it sitting pretty on display on a shelf. Well I dusted it off and decided to give perking a try.. couldn’t be worse than no coffee.. that dam vinegar is not working very good. I am only getting a half cup of coffee and it is sooo images[3]frustrating!

Now when was the last time you perked coffee? Well if you threw away your plastic thingy and have a perk hidden away somewhere it could be sooner than you think! First off is..  how much coffee to put in?

Second important thing to remember is.. dam.. is that the coffee boiling all over my stove? Yep, sure is! Ok .. so turn it down, how long to perk it for? Beats me.. but try 15 minutes.. does yours taste like mud? Mine did too, first couple tries and now if I remember to NOT BOIL IT OVER .. it perks away and starts smelling really good.. mmmmm … I am out on the deck in my office.

Now you tell me.. what ever you are doing in the morning.. to get ready for the day, the smell of perking coffee.. stops you and mmmmmmm..

Did all your important thoughts leave your brain and the perked coffee smell take over and make you smile..  and did you wander over and pour yourself a fresh cup of perked coffee? Then did  you just savor the fact that you made it all by yourself and.. hmmm… this is starting to taste better everyday.

Maybe a little less coffee and little more perking or maybe a little more coffee and a little less perking.. ahhhhh … who cares, it smells divine!

Ok are you ready.. this is the best part.. ya know those little plastic pods with the coffee in them, that cost almost as much as the machine to buy a case of em at Costco? Well you don’t need them anymore!!!! You are also saving the environment while drinking your morning coffee AND what the hell.. ? let’s have another cup (it’s already made)!

and..and..I think I will call  (well text.. nobody calls anymore) my cousin to come over for coffee and bring whoever, because I have a whole freaking pot of coffee to share!!!

Just a little footnote here. If you follow my advice and save a ton of coffee money, send me some.. I need to go south this winter.. lol. But.. you should really try what I am going to share with you next.

My pick for coffee mug of ALL TIME.. you will never buy another kind.. I promise you! A stainless steel  ‘contigo’ coffee mug from Costco.. picture is of mine I blinged it up. It will keep your coffee hot, hot for hours .. and will not spill.. ever.. ! (think adult sippy cup)

Ok just one more little dirty secret.. if you are in the coffee aisle and I forget what store it is.. if you find it please let me know.  There is a little yellow 1lb bag vacuum packed, that is no name, I think dark roast.. cost less than 3.00. (I bought a bunch cause they were 1.99 on sale). BUY IT.. TRY IT !photocoffee medley

YES I AM SERIOUS.. move over Starbucks and Tims, this coffee is no substitute! This no name cheap coffee is delicious and if you have the refill pod thing-a-ma-jig try it! And please.. do share what I have shared with you, and if you just bought a Kuerig.. send me the plastic thingy ok? I want to see what that sucker looks like!





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  1. Well,first of all I DO have my plastic thing-a-ma-jig and “yes” you can borrow it. I will bring it over when I come for my fresh brewed cup of coffee that you perked. LOL

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