Imagine…all the people

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A Post on Facebook from a younger person made me contemplate what advice I should share or should I even make a comment. Well you know me .. I am not one to hold back.

She witnessed a two car  collision.. well three actually, at an intersection where a police cruiser was racing through with lights and sirens on but .. unfortunately got hit by not one but two cars. I don’t know the full details but the damage was extensive and not sure on injuries.. but one woman definitely was injured.

The real disturbing part was the comments and jeers and laughter from the congregating onlookers! What has happened to us I wonder? This person that posted is my niece and I think she is feeling bad about not speaking up.

How often have we seen something that is not right and kept our mouths shut or tried to ignore it? As I age I am more verbal about injustices and kinda outspoken I guess. Why is it.. that we need to ignore such things? Do we fear rocking the boat or ridicule or retaliation?

I think it is time we started to stand up for what is right and what is wrong.. not just in our homes but in our ‘outside life’ as well. Who is more fearless do you think? Men or women? I am truly curious about which gender would be more verbal about speaking out.

I’m not talking about truly dangerous situati0ons here .. just everyday life. Women as a whole are nurturers and as mothers we want our kids to be respectful and know right from wrong. We shouldn’t be afraid to speak up or take action to help someone being singled out.

The grams and the gramps and all of us wise sages (well we do have some experience .. having lived all these years so far) need to encourage our kids and our friends and our relatives to give voice to common sense.

We need to stand up and say .. hey it’s ok to turn to all those onlookers and say..  “when I’m in trouble I sure appreciate it that I can call on these people to help me.. who do you call?”

We need to tell our grandkids it is not nice to snicker at the police or make disparaging remarks. Oh hell.. we just need to be more vocal in telling our kids and ourselves as well.. some stuff is just not ok and we need to correct it and say it! Actions and words together…

We can only change our behavior and help educate our own. Sometimes I wonder if we can even make a difference.. I honestly don’t know. I encouraged my niece to speak out.. one voice can make a difference.. even if she is the only one listening..  

And.. and… sometimes .. we just need that one voice to lead us .. to do better..