Alcohol.. love, and barefoot skiing


Alcohol, love, and barefoot skiing

It’s raining cats and dogs here at the lake and where did that saying come from anyway? My son comes over says he’s entered me into a water skiing competition today .. apparently he has bragged me up to his friends. Did I mention they were into some tequila? Hopefully, the rain will win out.

The thing about this is, I am a really good skier, last time I was out. Almost everybody here learned how to ski with my help. Funny but I never learned to water ski until I met my Ex, he had a boat and I learned from him.

We were raised in the water, living just a few blocks from a community swimming pool. My mom was one of the first women lifeguards there. We learned to swim before we could walk and to this day I have an affinity to water.

He came from a family of nonswimmers and when his oldest brother had a pool party they all wore life jackets in the pool. This was a good thing because of the alcohol consumed.. by all of us!

Ok now where was I.. oh right, water skiing competition. I guess I will have to break out some bandages for my wrist to save face. They don’t need to know I haven’t been on skis for a few years and have no intention of doing so.imagesFQFTWZHI

The pontoon boats that are so prolific here now and are a direct result of us aging baby boomers. We are into fishing and sunning and reading, maybe around on one of those inflatable thingys. A glass or two of wine or one of those alcoholic concoctions with fruit flavors .. even the beer!

imagesVGQF2BCUWell I’d love to show you guys how it’s done but this pontoon boat just doesn’t have enough power to pull me barefoot skiing”.  Works for me.. “I’d show you all how to drink that tequila if I wasn’t on anti-biotics!”

Growing older kinda sucks, I’d like nothing better than to show these kids how it’s done, but not at any cost. I have a trip to Australia coming up, not going to jeopardize that!  Truth be told, two drinks of alcohol now and I am a cheap drunk.

My skiing days are over anyway.. thanks to a broken elbow a while back. I miss skiing but more so, we did a lot of showing off for those onshore .. right?

But once in the water, I will outswim you.. as long as it is a short distance like 20 feet.. hah! I will imagesQ24304EFchallenge you to a floating competition.. no life jackets, don’t move your arms or your legs, oh ya I win!!!!

The whole clan is up here at the lake this weekend along with all their friends. There will be a lot of partying and a lot of drinking and carrying on. I will be cursing at them to turn down that loud music and go to bed!!! (just as my mom did to us) and they will party harder.. sigh..

I will be a good sport and laugh at their drunken antics when they drag me over for ‘just one drink mom’. This usually happens at one o’clock in the morning, when they bang on my door to wake me up. I need to join the great party they are having because they love me sooo much.imagesGSLB755F

Why is it when people get drinking they need to tell you how much they love you? “Do you know how much I love you… you are my favorite auntie.. you were always like a mom to me, I  love you sooo much!”

I’ll let them pour me a drink and no one will ever know that I am not drinking it. I will then slip away unnoticed, when they are all singing at the top of their lungs, to some stupid county and western crying song.

BUT… if for some reason that alcohol slipped unnoticed down my throat and someone had refilled it without my knowledge.. well then, all bets are off. I will be scouring the kitchen drawers for two big spoons, banging them together hopefully in time to the beat of the music.. showing off my prowess with these unusual musical instruments.images9LYW1HLB

I will laugh and dance and sing louder than everyone else, even though I can’t carry a tune and don’t know the words. In the end, when they pack me off to bed I will tell them all how much I love them….