Isaac, Adam, Frankie and Max.. “it takes a village”

My downward spiral into techie-challenged hell occurred awhile back. The warning signs were there for a month ‘disk space is running low‘ appeared each time I logged onto my computer. I dismissed these messages thinking that I would deal with it later, then along came later… and my computer descended into digital purgatory! A parallel plane of torture (for us mortals living without our FB fix) ) where all things technical reside until we reluctantly release them into the universe/garbage.

Dear lord save me from this techie shit.. and so started my agonizing journey to get my ‘Surface’ up and running again.. see my blog post Buy or worst buy? Best Buy was a write-off and now they are dead to me, I am going to miss them or maybe not?

Target got my money for a hard drive (so I could free up disk space) with a little help from Aurora the sales gal. Alas the help was not enough to raise my ‘Surface’ from purgatory. A girlfriend suggested Staples and truth be told I had forgotten all about Staples.. another of my favorite stores.

Now I have no illusions about my age, but if you are unsure how others see you, the staff at Staples will be more than happy to help you with that. Frankie was first up, opening my computer and asking me questions as I filled him in on my computer woes. Five minutes in, he went to fetch me a chair. (they do that for old people.. just sayin)

I appreciated that chair as an hour later along comes Isaac, taking over for Frankie. These boys got right into it and truly wanted to help me.. especially after I told them my Best Buy/Worst Buy story. Turns out my ‘Surface’ was getting the best of Isaac too, he asked if he could open a work order on it.

I didn’t mind having a work order opened because these two had already put in two hours between them. This showed me they actually cared, well bringing me that chair was a nice touch. When was the last time someone offered you a chair while they helped you?

I decided to treat them with some donuts, dropping them back off on my way home. I took over another dozen the next day (I can’t help myself, working people are always hungry and even though retired, I’m still a caterer at heart). Next time you have a hair appointment take them something to eat.. trust me.

Adam (another techie) happened to be on duty and Frankie or was it Isaac (an age thing) explained to him my problems. Now I have to mention here that when I came in, Frankie/Isaac? was bent over the counter in front of another computer and an ‘older’ man was sitting in my chair!

Gee was it my oldness that got me all that special attention.. dam! The thing is, I got this warm fuzzy feeling, after I got over myself. The staff working here really do care about us. I have always gotten good service here. Why didn’t I come here first?

Deleting stuff on your computer (a crucial media file.. which I did delete) is not a good idea ever, if you are techno challenged. When Adam informed me it did not look good, I started browsing around for a replacement, just in case. I decided to give those poor boys a day of rest, hoping for the best..

On a whim Sunday I dropped in to see how things were going. Enter ‘Max’ .. I explained how Adam, Frankie and Isaac were at a dead end on my computer and he informed me he was ‘the smart one’! Ok.. who am I to argue with all these eager young  men wanting to help me out?

Max had a little trouble finding my computer but assured me all would be well, and I left. You can imagine my surprise awhile later when I get a call from Max informing me that he had found and solved the problems.. my Microsoft Surface would be ready in a couple hours.

I christened him Maxwell Smart and said I would be around the next day to pick it up.

These boys give me hope.. when I had lost all hope ..they didn’t give up!! AND my bill came to ZERO .. as in no charge.. yes you read that right!! I think there was a learning experience having to deal with my surface, that they could use down the road.. just a hunch.

I have since talked to a few others here in my park..  most DO NOT shop at Best Buy/Worst Buy and Staples happens to be their store of choice too. Customer service.. don’t ever underestimate it, whoever has it .. gets our money, period!

This blog is my THANKS to you STAPLES.. and to Frankie and Isaac, Adam and ‘Maxwell Smart’. They say it takes a village to raise a child.. well that same village is keeping us ‘older folks’ from slitting our wrists trying to keep up with all this techie shit…

My new slogan for STAPLES

“At STAPLES.. we are your ‘village’“..  insert happy face here : )