If the shoe fits..

Are you a giver, a taker or maybe just a moneymaker (some people are workaholics and only live for their jobs).. or are you dead inside? They have a show called the ‘walking dead’ but in real life I think a lot of people walk around dead inside. I confess I have been one of those.. it happens.

Being dead inside is ok .. it numbs you from life. Nothing can hurt you because .. well, we made that decision to withdraw from participating in it. We go through the motions, just barely. Eventually we will have to emerge from our hole and start feeling again.

There comes a day of reckoning.. “am I going to live my life on hold or do I want my life to mean something?” The first step out of this catharsis is recognizing we need to start caring about ourselves. Actually as I sit here and think about it.. this is maybe the most important step of all! Caring about ourselves means letting go of shit.. “stuff or people that do not make our life better”. Period!

It could be a job or a person or even country music.. my god, slit my wrists now! If it is a spouse, you are basically screwed unless you poison them or divorce. I suggest letting them live only because you might get caught .. what with all these CSI shows on TV.

We can’t pick our relatives but we can pick our friends. Pick ones that are uplifting, sort through them like you are trying on shoes, we can all relate to that. Stop and breath, think about which ones are comfortable and which ones are hurty? If you have no friends.. well that happens too, if you have money, go buy some… :  )

I think we can all relate to the ones that have been gradually crippling us until we start wondering why our feet hurt. It is like bunions that keep growing bigger until you can hardly walk. Eventually you’ll need to cut them off. I realize this is kinda graphic, but in actuality it is an insidious process..  taking place over many years.

So to make a long story short, (see picture) we don’t have to actually eliminate our feet.. just don’t buy into those hurty ones anymore, give them away. Relatives are included in this, some are like a fungus, lordy lordy..  you’ll wish you had no feet!

There will be times we need to walk in another persons shoes, so we can understand where they are coming from. Don’t become a shoe whore though, but rather keep the ones that truly fit. Oh.. and keep checking out the new shoes, you never know when you will find a gem.

Lastly, nurture your soul and surround yourself with great shoes! The ‘walking dead’ don’t look happy.. I wonder if they even have shoes (I’ve never watched it).

My life is shorter now and I’m free from being one of the walking dead. For those that are really dead, well I am living my life for them.. especially you Barb and my sister Robin, I think of you a lot and I celebrate my life for you.

I’m really not sure what my point is in this blog or do I even need a point? Maybe I just needed to re-affirm my commitment to care about my own wellbeing. We need to really live our own life and rid ourselves of toxins creeping in, or toxic relationships.. use my shoe theory

Oh.. and if you are Tom Selleck reading this, please park your shoes under my bed anytime.. just sayin  (bucket list) .. pass it along..