Is old a state of mind?

imagesKWJBEUYWIt occurs to me that I am approaching the age at which my dad passed away. He died young.. well I knew he was old (but never really thought of him that way) that was over 20 years ago.

Do you feel old or do you picture yourself at a certain age and sort of hang there? The mirror doesn’t lie.. well mine is an exception .. it  is haunted by some old gal who keeps showing up in it, wearing my clothes! It is getting more difficult each day to get her looking decent enough to go out in public.

That she wears all my clothes is bad enough but for crying out loud.. please hang them up after! I have a girlfriend that has a slob living in her house and she says if she ever catches her there will be hell to pay. (I think that slob follows her to my place once in awhile).

untitled (25)Tom Selleck just gets better looking to me as he ages.. not so with Clint Eastwood geeze.. what happened there I wonder. The older female stars are all getting botoxed  and face lifts and holy crap , I didn’t even recognize Pamela Anderson on Ellen awhile back!

 Courtney Cox was so cute but geeze it is hard to look at her now and it is painful to see some of them turn into caricatures of their once beautiful faces.

imagesGA8JHL2BNow don’t get me wrong, I am not above getting something done myself. Nothing major.. maybe I’ll just smash all the mirrors in my life .. that will certainly kill off that old gal residing in them.

The thing is.. I don’t feel old and I never have.. sure there are some things I don’t do anymore .. like run.. but I don’t ever remember running anyway.

Well if I was confronted by a bear out here at the lake, I was going to say ‘watch me run’ but that’s a lie. I think I would dig in my heels and snarl at him so fierce that it will curl his hair! I am not ready to go just yet.

Barefoot skiing is not on my agenda anymore nor is slalom (ya I know .. but it will be our little secret). Sure I have to colour my hair all the time but I have been doing that my whole life. Instead of covering the lighter brown I am now covering the grey.. no big deal.imagesF92NJD1Y

Do you feel older with the passing of time? I feel time passing more quickly, the exception is here at the lake. Why is it that time here is so leisurely and dragged out? Nobody knows what time it is because we are in the water and cell phones are not waterproof.

We spend a lot of our time in the water, it has been a hot summer and well.. the lake beckons. My affinity for water is ingrained in me I think. Maybe it goes back to being in the womb and feeling all safe and secure. The more probable answer is I weigh zero in there … lol.imagesFXRE8O3K

Never live in the past.. live with passion.. do what excites you. I never ever want to be boring and I always try to live in the moment. Don’t think old.. it is a state of mind only .. people who think like old people act like old people and therefore look the part.

I choose my state of mind every morning.. well not so much anymore , it seems to come naturally now. I am not old inside myself.. maybe my outside needs some remodeling but if I don’t replace all my mirrors then who cares?

Doing what you want frees you from doing what everyone else wants .. it keeps you interested in life and excites the hell out of me. What excites you.. do you have a secret wish or desire? What is stopping you from fulfilling it?images7DMZ7L6M

Find someone to love you.. love has no age limits. Barring that then love someone else, even if it is yourself ..we are worth it, to live with passion.

My dad was not old when he died.. he never acted his age either, my brother is like that. How about me I wonder, I’m not sure, I only just feel like myself.

Ok..  so that saying you are only as old as you feel is really true. I do miss running and barefoot skiing ..hmmm..the memory does go with age.. just sayin..  oh, and one more thing.. please clip the nose hairs and wipe the food off your face .. ok, so  I will try to remember that as well..