postcards from the lake

photo 3It was the best of times .. it was the worst of times, who didn’t get sunburned this past week-end? Wasn’t that a hot one? The smoke finally cleared (well the other side of the lake is now visible) the sun came out and caught many of us ‘unprotected’.

Looks to be a good one today too, but most are back into their day jobs all freshly scrubbed and red faced.. I am in my office on my deck at the lake. My computer lets me know in the little boxes that Greece is finally coming to a deal with the EU.

The UAE has executed a Muslim woman for killing a Romanian born America kindergarten teacher (stabbing her to death in a shopping mall bathroom)! The victim was the mother of 11 yr old

The world, on my deck at the lake, is at my fingertips.. well.. it is also at the mercy of  limited internet coverage, which is spotty and unreliable at best. Early mornings are somewhat better and I like this time to contemplate whatever it is I am feeling today.

imagesE4JUJS5SThis morning it is a relief to be breathing relatively smoke free air. We certainly take fresh air for granted,  but that is not the case in other parts of the World. Places here in Canada are being assaulted as well but not to the extent of say.. China.

Travelling the world these last five years has given me not only a much needed attitude adjustment, but a healthy respect for everything we take for granted. Clean air is something we cannot buy and yet we continue to pollute our very existence.

 Canada is also lagging behind in environmental protection,  I hope we fix that, sooner rather than later. How would you like to wear a face mask everyday because of air pollution? It is necessary in some places in the world.

images1HIXURAZThis morning is a new beginning, the air is virtually smoke fee and  my Canadian geese families are back shitting on my lawn. I love Mondays..the beginning of a new fresh week full of possibilities and adventures, not yet started.images (116)

The Saskatoon berries are ripe for the picking. My cousin (on the hill here at the lake) has already made pies out of them and there is nothing better than a warm piece of  pie from the oven, I am partial to Saskatoon berry pie.

My cousins husband is also partial to her pies, I watched him disappear into the bushes with a pail to pick more berries. I tried to picture my Ex picking berries for me to make pies, nope.. didn’t compute, not only would he never be that thoughtful.. I wasn’t either.

My grass is so brown and dry it hurts your feet to walk on it. I have put off watering it because.. well.. I never water my grass here, that is what we have rain for.

The last time I mowed grass the blade was too close the ground and I couldn’t dial it up higher (new fangled riding mower). I had to be more careful than usual approaching rocky outcrops and lifted the blades manually with a foot pedal.

My office on the deck at my lakefront cabin
My office on the deck at my lakefront cabin

So as I cut all the nice long green blades off, the underneath was all brown.. hmmm. Ah well.. it will come back green I thought to myself. That was three weeks ago. Last week I took the mower out to cut some grass for my cousin on the hill (they water theirs and their mower broke down).

This mower is my sons pride and joy and I am very careful with it. There are some dents in the front of it (which he pointedly asked me about) but I never hit anything that I remember. I do like to push things around with it.. you know.. nudge it a bit, crap.. I didn’t know I was denting it!lawnmowers lifejackets

Ah well, that may have been a minor detail.. taking out the mower for the ‘hill people’  it looks like I have two flat tires on the front. I fill them with air from the compressor. I see these two small tires fill up and a thought is niggling at the back of my mind.

My suspicions are confirmed when the mower seems to magically lift itself up, and if you came to the same conclusion I did.. kudos to you! How can I be so stupid? I realize we learn by doing, but geeze.. and.. it is never too late to learn, but at what cost? The tires seem to be ok and the mower is behaving much better and I certainly don’t need to dial the blade up higher now.

Mea culpa.. the Ex woulda spotted that right away.. hell he always did the mowing too. I am loath to make a sexist comment here, but dammit .. sometimes I just hate doing mans stuff when I screw up! I want to do it better than a man.. well ok ..not all things

Now on with my day…

the end.