Big O .. a real eye-opener, I do rely on men for some things

Well I now have a Big O story for you.. it just happened recently and it was explosive! Do I have your attention now? Yes, Big O Tires, now who would have thought that could be a story? Actually a non-story in my books, but as chance would have it, you need to read this. I am shaking my head and thinking std : ‘SHUT THE DOOR!’ that is better than what I really wanted to say..

Ask me anything about hair or even food, and I can give you a knowledgeable answer (being a hairstylist and a caterer in my first and second life).. hopefully. Ask me about anything to do with a vehicle and other than turn it on or off, well, actually that even stumped me when I got a new car a few years back, I have no clue. “What kind of car did he drive”…ummmm “well it was red”.

Cleaning out the car I bought down here, I ran across the receipt for new tires bought in 2014. This comes with tire rotations and wheel balancing for the life of the tires, from Discount Tires. I though hmmm I need a tire balancing for sure because the vehicle shimmies when I hit 65 to 70 mph (that’s 100 on the metric scale). This is actually a good thing because the speedometer is on vacation, and the shimmy is how I can tell I am speeding. I know, but living on the edge keeps me sharp.

This I know for sure.. good tires are important, especially on the front. Blow a rear tire and you at least have a chance to pull over. Blow a front tire at high speeds and you could lose control of the vehicle and end up dead, or worse! Worse would be relying on your offspring to lovingly care for you for the rest of your life as you lay in a coma (which could be a very short one indeed).

My Ex owned a tire shop in another life. I never had to worry about the safety of the vehicles I was driving. I now rely on random service guys for my wellbeing. I already know what some of you are thinking and these ‘service ‘ guys are not for my bedroom.. I don’t have to pay for that, well not yet anyway.

Taking my car for a check-up to Big O tires just up the street from me, last year, I was told my tires were cracked and not in very good shape. They were ok for the rest of the season but definitely needed new ones this year. That was playing on mind on my trip to Las Vegas in February and I kept my fingers crossed.

My trip to Disneyland in Anaheim in march, had me renting a car. The tires were my primary concern and the speedometer which did kick in on part of my trip to Vegas was another. Living on the edge and Vegas kinda goes with the territory and I am familiar with it. LA’s freeways can be a nightmare, and this called for a dull edge.. so I rented.

Living on the edge?

Back home again (my winter home) and now I am having insurance issues because I am from a ‘foreign’ country. I’m starting to think that I am better off driving my own car from home which I have always done in the past. Flying is such a pain when your flights do not work out and causes unnecessary stress with missed flights and lost luggage.. AND body searches from security! Contrary to what you’re thinking .. it wasn’t enjoyable one little bit.. well..

Here comes my guy at Discount Tires, they have rotated and balanced my tires AND “you have 80% wear left on your tires”! ummmmm “did you say my tires are good and I have lots of wear left on them?” “are they safe?” I am repeating myself, but I need to be sure of what I am hearing. “Of course, I JUST SAID  you have 80% wear left” he repeats to me, “a couple flat spots from sitting for long periods, but they are safe to drive.”

I need to tell you, I really liked those guys at the Big O. They obviously loved me enough to want me to have new tires this year. Did I tell the Discount Tire guy my Big O Tires story? Dam rights I did!! What ever happened to not only customer service (ok, the service was good) but freaking integrity and honesty?

Is it because I am a senior now (in my own mind I am always the same age.. except smarter) or is everyone fair game here? I’m thinking of doing the obvious, and going back to the Big O to visit my friendly service guys. Maybe just get them to check my tire pressure and … what do you think?

Lord help me but honestly I find it so hard to slough off stuff that is ‘just not right or downright dis-honest!’ Moral of the story here .. get a second opinion on your tires, make sure to visit Discount Tire.. just sayin..