word of mouth .. IS still the best advertising and zero calories pasta.. really?

This is insane and just goes to prove that you can spend a pile of money on advertising, but in the end .. you can’t put a price on word of mouth. AND that is how I came across the zero calorie pasta noodles at the Anaheim Natural Food Show. If you are reading my blog you know how I love the liquid gold single shot coffee pods!

I finally met the people behind the pods (I now call them the pod people) and it was a good meeting, although I didn’t get many sample pods (they were running out).. I then decided to take in some of the food show and Aakaar (he is really handsome btw.. but I digress) was insistent that I visit a booth he really liked (his find at that show).

Enter zero calorie pasta noodles or ‘Miracle Noodles’ this is written across the front of the package. I have to say here that I don’t think I would have found or stopped by this place with-out Aakaars assistance. This ‘Natural’ food expo took up FIVE halls, after spending three hours there I only managed to see a portion of hall A and B.

This show is a glimps only of what our future food plate is going to look like. I sampled what I could, some good and some not so good. The pasta was really good but the person in charge of the booth not so much. I ‘needed’ a sample package so I could show Emily and Nettie and probably write about it as well.. which I am doing now.

He pretty much ignored me as I ate all the sample dishes .. I know.. he probably thought I was there for free food (which was a bonus). He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that Aakaar brought me there, even though I explained this to him. See.. I this is how it works, when we like something we want to share it with those that care.

I could not believe I was eating spaghetti noodles and sauce with almost zero calories! I love my pasta and even if I wasn’t watching my calories (which I’m not… those days are gone, what you see is what I am ; ) I would definitely buy this, it is vegan! Concentrating on getting some of the spaghetti samples proved to  be useless, so I took the bag of liquid noodles offered.

He did say they were available at Sprouts and I plan on looking for them there. This man in this booth really doesn’t deserve this attention in my blog. He was not helpful at all, he was paying attention to everyone else but me.. and kinda treated me like an irritant (which I was). This product is amazing and I need to share it with you.

I didn’t take a picture of the booth (I should have) and the only info I can share with you is pictures of the bag he gave me. HOWEVER.. I did taste the product and it is dam worthy of attention . especially those of you that are watching your calories .. want an organic product, gluten free and vegan! I am serious and you are welcome 🙂

Please note that the bag he gave me and the bags providing the meals are not the same thing. When I get to Sprouts or Whole foods I will search out the product and I’ll update this post. This was a lost opportunity for that particular booth. Giving me a few samples to give to Emily and Nettie would have done more to ‘spread the word’ than maybe that whole show provided.

Dear sweet Vendors .. coffee pod people included, pay attention when someone really LIKES your product! Make it a point to engage them and give them samples! BECAUSE I didn’t get enough pods to send some with Nettie, she is interested in setting up gourmet coffee in her decadent handmade doughnut s .. bakery www.beyondglaze.com.

This is how it works, I wrote about the coffee and created a fair bit of interest only because I liked it that much! I can see the potential for a huge new profitable business with-in our industry.. no machines! This ‘miracle noodle’ dish is also interesting..  in that we have so many new vegans and gluten-free requests that this is perfect for ; ) oh and did I mention almost ZERO calories.

ps.. the noodle booth should have recognized the coffee pod booth and so on .. and so on .. am I right?