“if I should die before I wake.. the bottom drawer of my night table TAKE” just sayin

Well this sickness that envelopes me is starting to recede. I can feel good health sneaking back into my life. It comes in increments, like yesterday I actual felt like cooking my self some supper. This was not any old supper but a made from scratch home made spaghetti supper! I was hungry and I felt desire (not that kind) seeping back as I mentally savored a delicious meal.

I know what you’re thinking, oh sure she is a cook and makes delicious meals.. right? Let me say I also felt the same desire (once again.. not that kind) for some KD with diced tomatoes, but I didn’t have any KD on hand. My tastes are eclectic but as you can tell I have a healthy love of food.. sometimes its not healthy at all but I like living on the edge. Thank god my desire for sex has waned because I would hate to feel deprived there as well..

I awoke this morning at 2:36 am and had to take more drugs. Why is it I went all of yesterday feeling pretty good with no drugs and then whambo the pain comes back in spades and I’m back to square one? This is disheartening but I press on and end up taking take another pill . (I have an aversion to suffering)

Waking up again at 6:09 am is ok, just a little hurty, drug is wearing off, and I decide to do the hot shower thing and get up and face the day. Opening my patio door I smell the snow before I see it (still dark out yet) and feel soooo cheated! My favorite season didn’t even get a chance to show up.. rats!

Whatever happened to autumn and the glorious colors of fall and my most favorite time of year? I have way less years ahead of me than ever before and I feel cheated again. When someone important dies, I now want to know how old they are.. like the exact year. We all know they are old but I want to gauge my number against theirs.. stupid huh?

Like John McCain.. he was only 83, and I say only, because when I was younger I would have figured .. well he lived a long life! Fast forward to now..  dam.. he was only 83 and his passing shortened up my life considerably! So now not only are my years numbered, but my favorite season has just vanished overnight.. poof!

Do any of you understand that age thing I wonder? Maybe it comes with age.. senior age, not those trendy ages like forty and fifty and even sixty now! If you are in those trendy ages.. enjoy, you have your whole life ahead of you yet. Believe me when I say savor those years, do not fritter them ok?.

Have more sex.. no one ever complained of having too much sex! Make an effort to seduce your partner and see what happens. If you read my blog you know that sex is not dead when you get old. It actually gets better..  so all you trendy ages out there, look what you have to look forward too. Buy a dildo if you don’t have a partner.. put it to work : )

Now look where I have ended up.. I got totally sidetracked here. Blame it on my self imposed exile and believe me when I say sex is the last thing on my mind. I feel like an old married woman that has crossed that off her list of things to do. But wait.. I must be feeling better, because I desire (yes that kind!) for you too know that sex after sixty..  is the best I have ever had.

I have never shied away from this subject, sometimes I feel like a whore, but a happy one usually. Am I that different from most.. I don’t think so. You need to find your happy place that’s all, and I think we all have one, some just need to feel it out more.. so to speak.. loll.

Now that I am so off base on what I started out to write I may as well plough forward, it you are offended then quit reading now, but its probably too late.  I recently read a blog written by a young woman on sexuality. I was thinking, oh good I am going to learn something. Well what I learned was depressing.. you-all are still taking baby steps to free up the most exciting part of your body.

Most of you are still in denial and think you need permission from lord knows who..  to enjoy and participate in this exquisite experience. I would like to write more but I limit myself to 800 words on my blogs and I have almost reached it. I do have one more thing to say.. a request actually:

“if I should die before I wake.. the bottom drawer on my night stand, TAKE!” (just sayin)

Ps: I wrote more about this on www.my-thirdlife.com/sex after sixty