Getting lucky … and stacking the odds

I’m excited as hell.. today is going to be warm! Yessss maybe I can turn the furnace off, maybe.. ah well. Today I’m treating myself to a pedicure, maybe even a new bra! I know.. information overload right? Well if you are bigger than a 34B then you know that getting a new bra is a big deal.

‘Cacique’ is a great brand at Lane Bryant, a store we don’t have in Canada, so ya.. I am just a little excited. This is definitely not what I sat down to write about today but it just tumbled out, hmmm. ‘Cacique’ has a new style out that closes in the front, my mission after my pedicure is to go and try it out..

When you think about it, half the population wears a bra so finding the right one that you can actually live in.. is a big deal! I can sleep in mine, I don’t but if I nod off, well… I have a lot of friends that can’t wait to rip theirs off when they get home. Geez, I used to be one of those women, there but for the grace of ‘Cacique’.. go I.

Enough of that, I sure don’t get paid for promoting bras, but dam.. life is too short to spend time in a hurty one. We pass through here only once so I want to make it count. THAT is what I want to talk about. We are much too self conscious about how we look, feel, and the things we guardedly share.

I think we should make a conscious effort to let our guard down, let’s share stuff that others may find useful. I just shared my bra brand.. not the size though, let’s just say it is still with-in the alphabet range (women will get this).

AND they have great panties too. I bought a sexy pair awhile back and they still haven’t lost their virginity, alas.. I have not found someone worthy to wear them for. Of course I am worthy, but 34 dollars American money is the most I have ever paid for panties.. gonna save em.

Ok, now where was I? Oh right, exposing ourselves (not literally of course).. be that person that people gravitate towards! It only takes seconds to smile and say good morning or how are you? Acknowledge people in your periphery, sure we are all busy or on a mission, but a “hi” won’t kill us. A “hi, you’re looking especially handsome today” might even get you a date, and a chance to wear those sexy panties.. but I digress…

A girlfriend I hadn’t seen for awhile looked 10 years younger to me. She didn’t get a facelift but had actually lost about 35lbs. Funny, but I didn’t notice the weight loss. She is a positive, dynamic and a take charge kinda gal. I really enjoy her company and I just like being around her. I told her how great she looked and she did.

We can make a positive impact on others in so many ways. Share yourself and don’t be afraid to compliment someone. Smile.. always smile, god how I love a great smile! I’m on a dating site and you can’t even believe how many men on there look like they are on penitentiary row! Would it kill them to crack a smile? Seriously, go on there and check it out, its brutal!

Telling someone they look especially nice doesn’t take any extra effort. There is a gal here I share the pool with in the mornings, her hair always looks nice and her smile.. BUT oh my, her lipstick.. it has attitude! It usually matches her bathing suit and I want to go lipstick shopping with her.

We gravitate towards some people just because they make us feel good, you know the ones. Be that person, its not hard.. smile and give a compliment or bring food even. Everybody loves someone that feeds them. I am always sharing food, it’s cheaper than buying friends.. I’m on a pension ya know.

My blog this morning was supposed to be about how we all have some kind of impact on others around us. Well truth is, some of us don’t, some just don’t care, others are too busy and most of us just don’t even realize that we can. One thing.. just change one thing.. open yourself up, it could be just as easy as a smile.

If you are a man reading this and you’re on a dating site, then go take that mug shot down and replace it with a happy face! Ok.. that’s it, a pedicure is calling my name, maybe I’ll check out the dating site later. I’ll have pretty feet and the sexy panties are in the wings, it doesn’t hurt to stack the odds right? .. I could get lucky, ya never know.. smile, smile, wink.. wink!




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