Huawei you suck!

My phone is ready for a change and so am I. Huawei was one of my first choices until all this stuff with China surfaced. I really want a Huawei phone.. but not at the cost of my own personal values. I see it this way, if we don’t stand for something we believe in, then we can’t complain when we are relegated to usingĀ a walker!
I happen to believe that China is totally capable, and has no qualms, about tapping into our security and using it for their gain. I’m also pissed that they are holding our canola growers hostage. We need to protect our laws and freedoms even if we don’t care about that Huawei gal being held in custody. Meanwhile China, in retaliation, is snatching up Canadians for no reason. They are a communist country without human rights and freedoms, and they can do whatever they want!
Wake up Canada .. its not like we don’t have alternative choices! A Google phone is now my choice, but I’ll probably settle for a Samsung. Australia and the UK are also holding off on Huawei phones as well. China.. you picked the wrong battle here. The phone may have started it all, but your countries true colors are coming through.. LOUD and CLEAR! I am only one person, but if each of us takes a stand.. we can all make a difference.