strutting yourself across stage in a purple pantsuit?

My birthday is rolling around again, wow.. a whole year, a new journey and I could never have predicted where I am now. Last night my daughter took me to Chers concert. Cher also had a recent birthday and even though she is so much older than me (or is I totally relate to her outspoken and outgoing flamboyance and zest for life.

My youngest granddaughter is enamored with the color purple and I have requested purple pants to match hers for my birthday. Cher strutted out on stage in this stunning formfitting purple pantsuit that immediately ‘spoke to me’ YESSSSSSSSS (while my brain said NOOOOOO). Ah well, if it shows up I will wear it.. what the heck!

This time last year I was just arriving home from a five month stay in Yuma Arizona. Many changes in my life have taken place since then, who knew? Helping my kids out at work (the family catering business started over thirty years ago) has recently turned into a real job.. that was unexpected. Then I look at Cher.. my god, she is unstoppable and why not me?

If I get the purple pantsuit, lose 200 pounds and learn to sing, could I emulate her? Probably.. but why would I want too, hmmmmm. Well that drummer in her band (half her age) she’s showing a lot of love for, would be worth it. Damn he’s cute.. but I can find my own drummer or someone to march to my own beat.. couldn’t I?

Facebook is now into dating and matching up prospective mates for me, yep, who knew. So far the majority have been in their twenties and thirties, but who am I to judge? People that say age is just a number are usually old people so I’m not going to utter that phrase. I am not old to me, I’m still a child looking for my next adventure.. or mishap.. lol

My kids are getting older though, thank goodness I have a baby in the wings that adores me. Little ones are such fun and age doesn’t compute with them, they either like you or they don’t. Painting their nails and applying make-up is a nana and granddaughter thing, and doing hair.. we are a match!

I will also teach her how to tell a story and no doubt she will have lots of stories to tell when I am long gone. But.. hopefully not for awhile yet. The quest for my personal fulfillment may never end, nor should it. We have so much potential as mentors and teachers of truth.  and.. and.. and some of us can still strut across a stage half naked (well not me of course, but I suppose if someone gave me a ton of money not too, I would take it). I’ll give you a minute..

My thoughts turn to what may lay ahead for me this time next year and truth be told, I have no idea where I’ll be or what I will be doing. That’s kinda the way I like it though. How many of us leave ourselves open to what comes our way, taking up a challenge or an adventure that we don’t know the outcome too?

Recently a friend of mine did just that, she private messaged me on FB and gave me partial credit for her daring change of life adventure. She is quitting her job of the last ten years, giving up her health care benefits and moving across the country to start a new life!


This gal credits reading my blog to her making this bold decision and I was somewhat stunned! I never ever thought I would be an influence on someone’s life by writing about my own. My thoughts turned to this new revelation and had I known I influenced anyone with my writing, would I change it? My answer is probably not.. (btw, this gal has never been happier or more excited about this life changing decision)

We are never too old to change our ways.. we are never too old to accept new ideas and challenges. We are never too old to find new love (I am still looking) we are never too old to explore the road less taken (ok, so I get lost a lot). We are never too old to lose 200 pounds and learn to sing (that is NOT going to happen for me, but it could for someone else).

Last but not least, we are never to old to strut our stuff in a formfitting purple pantsuit… geez ya think?