Holy Grail of sexual fullfillment

I want to write about my sex life .. or lack of one, but my kids read my blog. I desperately want to address the obvious but my daughters eyes will bleed for sure. Since when has that stopped me though. Ok fair warning kids .. quit reading NOW!

Getting older does not mean you should become a recluse or join a book club.. nope, not even close! In fact the sole reason we have grandchildren is for hugging purposes! We need human contact to survive these old age aches and pains. As we age we need the comfort of family, close friends and the hugs of grandkids.

For some of us that are single, by choice, or not, we need other comforts as well. The older we are the less chance of sexual encounters to ease the other yearnings we have. Celibate is not a virtue for me. Well not all of us have yearnings.. some don’t even scratch that itch, and they have an itch scratcher right there living with them! I know.. I can’t believe it either!

I totally understand the brothel industry now.. hell,  I would love to dial up a tall handsome man (or any man.. for that matter..lol) to come and fufill my sexual fantasies. Forget love and all that bs .. sometimes you just need a man! Please don’t send me hate mail, I know all about the sex trade atrocities. I am advocating consensual sex for mutual satisfaction.

Maybe I could trade sexual pleasures for getting my yard work done.. weed whacking comes to mind. I hate that job, the weed whacker is heavy and frankly it just scares me.This could be a win-win situation.. this is not a fulltime position, just when the need arises or the weeds grow wild (as do I sometimes ..lol).. but I digress..

I have so many things that need to be done.. I call them ‘man-things’. I know that there are women that say “I can do anything a man can!” Well sorry honey, but you can’t do that one thang.. and you know what that is…lol. Besides, I don’t want to do all that man stuff.. like fixing the toilet or the roof or anything electrical! Hell no..

We need to have a trade-off here or come to a mutually beneficial understanding that everyone is satisfied with. I know there are a lot of women that DO NOT want sex with their husbands.. wtf? If you think they are satisfied with this then maybe you are right but.. many ARE NOT!

They are on the dating sites disguised as single men ..  trust me .. I know! I would love to go into detail here but my kids may still be reading. Needless to say, they are getting it somewhere, and you don’t want it, so why not? I think you should rent them out.. now that just flew into my head.. don’t be hating on me.

See.. when I start writing, stuff just comes out, but that might be a brilliant idea, don’t you think? Maybe we could cut the divorce rate if we could keep the guys happily satisfied and the women that are so over that itch.. will be content as well? Happy wife .. happy life..  and a man with a smile on his face.

I love cooking and we could do a trade-off .. I’ll help fill your freezer and you send him over to fulfill me. This gives new meaning to “hey goodlooking what ya got cooking?” I LIKE IT, he’s happy, I’m happy..  you’re happy, you don’t have to have sex with him, AND you don’t have to cook either! My God I think we’ve got it!

The Holy Grail to sexual fulfillment !

ya I know.. I need to get a life.. just my Monday morning musings …

copyright July 31 2017