Feeding the masses.. there are eight million stories in the naked city

untitled (14)The first in my installments of starting up a catering business and how Catersource was an integral part in our growth and success. #CSES2016


I certainly didn’t ever imagine that I would grow up to be a person that would feed the masses. Does anyone even have a dream like that I wonder.. other than Jesus? Sure being a chef could appeal to some but my dream was much loftier. ‘Stylin hair’ was my dream and my own salon to do it in.

Embedded in all of us.. I believe.. is our own special talent..  cooking did not even scratch my surface. Creating beautiful hairstyles was always my passion, I was always bugging my girlfriends on how they got a certain look or how they did they get their hair to stay that way.

Later on I would  talk them into letting me cut their hair..  with an actual razor blade … oh my. When I was younger, what my Barbie dolls lacked in clothes, they made up for in fantastic hairdos. Eventually their hair kept getting shorter and shorter then..no hair! I had to start somewhere.. right?

So how the heck did I end up feeding the masses anyway? I made good on my dream of owning a hair salon, and not just one.. but four all told! Married at the time, we also had another business.. nothing to do with hair, that went under.. and I reluctantly had to sell my salons before I lost them.

Tough times call for tough measures and we do whatever it is we need to do to survive. Starting a catering business from scratch was never on my agenda. We fell into this business by accident and timing I guess. My blog has stories on how this happened.

What is more interesting.. is how does a hairdresser and a welder end up running a successful and ‘profitable’ food business? Well the first three years was a learning experience. My mom used to say after a big event, “well, did you make any money?” My response more times than not.. was “well mom.. we did break even AND  it was a learning experience!”images (31)

I can still hear her voice today after hearing this for a couple years.. “well I really shouldn’t say this” (that is not true .. she always liked to speak her mind) “but I think you better start looking at doing something else!” “You can’t eat learning experiences.. at some point you have to make money!”

and you know what.. she was right! We had struggled along for years and finally decided to call it quits!

When I had the salons, it was exciting keeping up with all the changes in hair fashion. We went from razor cuts to precision scissor cuts.. backcombing big hair to blow drying flat hair. Who could forget the afros .. oh my.. I gave all my friends afros .. husbands included!

Keeping educated was key in  hairstyling.. but this food business was just too hard. Without any education or knowledge of stuff you need to know, getting ahead and being successful was almost impossible. Not knowing anyone else doing what we were doing was like we were on and island .. by ourselves!

Enter a little card in the mail about a catering conference in Las Vegas with ‘classes’ yet! Now most would think ‘Las Vegas’ woohoo.. but we had no money and two kids.

I want to tell you.. I DID a lot of soul searching .. see.. I hate to give up and we had put so much of ourselves into trying to make that catering business work. Lord we had even called upon our family and friends and .. and… how could we give up after all of them helping us every time we needed them?

The classes were under a heading called Catersource and a guy by the name of Mike Roman made a promise at the end of that little flyer that he would personally reimburse our money if we didn’t feel we got our monies worth. Oh my.. I will never forget that little blurb and it was the deciding factor for us to take money we couldn’t afford, to attend a conference that we knew nothing about, thousands of miles away.

That was so many years ago and we are a multimillion dollar company today with the inclusion of Great Events.. supplying tents entertainment and décor as well as food! Guess where we learned that?

to be continued……. I’ll tell you what happened next week…

230px-Title_Card_to_Naked_City_(TV_Series_1958-1963)there is eight million stories in the naked city but no one gets naked in these ones.. sorry. I will be blogging a few more of these in weeks to come, please click like if you want to read more.