green .. green, grass of home or how about Ireland?

untitled (53)Ireland comes to mind as I cruise the roads back to my Canadian nest. Why is everything so impossibly green, the mountains, the trees, the fields? It’s been said that Ireland is every shade of green you could ever imagine.. that resonated with me, I need to go there.

Funny thing about this .. I’m now home and the green is still impossibly brilliant. At the pool this morning it comes to me.. that ‘aha’ moment. Living in the desert for such a length of time I had forgotten the green-ness in my life, replacing it was the impossibly endless supply of blissful sunshine and blue skies.imagesJDQB2596

Palm trees and sand .. golden browns, mountains made of rocks.. vistas of cacti and Joshua trees. The desert in bloom is an amazing sight. Orange trees starting to blossom, lemon and grapefruit too, along with grown fruit still hanging in sorrowful bunches, too high to reach.

imagesXN3IJ0DHThe colours in my life have such an effect on my psyche, maybe we should be more aware of how we paint ourselves. I love colour and although I joke about wearing black (and only wearing another colour if it is darker) I most always have a bright colour on my person.

I have pictures.. oh yes.. many, many pictures. Why I need to take pictures of all this beauty beats me. Other than a facebook worthy pic, the rest just disappear into the cloud, and I pay 1.42 a month to keep them there. What happens when I die I wonder? Will etheral pictures rain down on my ashes.. adding life and colour to my final journey?untitled (54)

I sure hope so, I don’t want any fighting and bickering over my cloud when I’m gone. Will unclaimed clouds just disappear or maybe they will auction them off? Will there be a viewing or just a blind selling off of all our precious Kodak moments?

imagesQTEJL1Q8Back to my nest… which seems to be where-ever I land.. we are so fortunate to have such freedom of movement. Some countries restrict your travel and poor Cuba doesn’t let its citizens leave at all .. even for a holiday!

I have visited many places, exploring and catching glimpses of other cultures. My cloud has documentation of all these extraordinary journeys, and the boring ones as well. Wouldn’t it be great if that dam cloud could store our clothes and shoes.. now that would be worth paying for.

images2BIU1C27My life fairly vibrates.. when I am not napping. There seems to be no grey areas for me. Rainy days depress me .. I don’t even own one piece of grey clothing! The walls in my life wait patiently for me to paint them with the  colours of my next creative endeavor.. or sometimes moodily sulking while I figure out what that will be.imagesB7T6APJ2

This greenness is still settling into me like the smell of freshly cut grass. I want to slip out of my flip flops and feel the grass on my soul. The endless sunny days and blue skies are being replaced with fifty shades of green. I wonder what deals are available for Ireland online?