Ghostly encounters .. a little fear is a good thing

The ghost trolley tour started off tame enough. Sanguinetti Museum & Gardens in Old Town Yuma is a very picturesque and quaint setting complete with town square and fountain. We boarded the trolley single file each of us grasping a long tapered glowing candle (battery operated).

The trolley was old but powered by an added diesel engine which seemed to be having engine problems. It was noisy, as were the overhead cupboards which tended to rattle at inopportune times. The older gal, a volunteer in period dress, knew her history but it was difficult catching everything she had to share.

inside the trolley

The setting was subdued although xmas décor and lights inside the trolley tended to counter-act that. We pause at a stop where a sixteen yr old girl chased her brother down the street and shot off the back of his head! The narrative behind this story was sad but trying to see outside the trolley was even sadder.

Arizona is one of the poorest lit states, scientists tend to gather here to gaze at the heavens. Driving here at night is even hazardous on some roads .. trust me. That there are so many older snowbirds living here in the winter months just makes it downright dangerous.. but I digress.

We did pick out a couple shady characters at one stop, one was carrying a lamp and the other a shovel, this having been a graveyard in another life. The train lines had no conscience when it came to building their yards and tracks over these sacred places.. maybe that is why there are so many lost souls wandering around.

We make a stop in front of a famous old eatery and bar called Lutes Casino. We are boarded by two characters straight out of a time capsule .. she selling tamales while admonishing her partner who was chasing her with an axe. Well you had to know that wasn’t going to end well.. and yes she was later found murdered with her head bashed in and money sac.. gone!

Another stop at the famous prison cemetery and two shady characters show up there again.. were they following us? I am not doing the history part of this justice, because .. well.. I couldn’t really hear most of it. To be quite honest, hearsay does not really interest me. There was a lot of hearsay for obvious reasons, maybe hiring an actor could give it more life.. just my opinion.

We have a refreshment break at rivers landing where two more gals in period dress enter and serve us delicious brownies. Served with decorum and a little extra something on the side. We make our way back to the museum and gather into the darkened living room to meet a real boni-fide ghost hunter.

He and his partner have instruments set up to catch ghostly spirits and they also share these sounds recorded in various places around Yuma. This is very interesting and I am fascinated by their presence. The ceiling has timbers running across it and as I gaze up at it I caught it undulating twice.. or was it a figment of my imagination?

The spirit that appeared unannounced pulsated with a red glowing pattern and his beady red eyes bored into mine. I could not look away..  he seemed to be sitting on a visitors lap. Ok so this did give me the willies and I wondered if anyone else could see him. The ghost hunter warned us about evil and I felt this spirit was proof of that.

We took our leave and I didn’t share this with anyone. I believe in spirits and often hear my mom call out my name. Shadows that I catch out of the corner of my eye I relate to my long gone brother. I rolled the window down on the way home and admonished the spirit to take leave of me.

I am not proud of this but..  dropping my girlfriend off at her place, I also told him to get out again (just in case) as she opened the door. I am shallow like that.. sorry girlfriend.