Apple.. You Suck !!!

MY IPHONE JOURNEY… This Apple could be poison, and maybe even fatal, what if it freezes and we are in a life threatening situation… well?

I remember when my phone started to lose its charge.. it seemed to happen overnight! Well.. it turns out it did happen overnight! I downloaded an update to my phone, I am always the last hold-out to do this btw. I flew south the next day or was it north, it involved a flight I know, because I blamed the change in location for my phone woes.

Not being a techno savvy person and a senior to boot, it was frustrating. My daughter and grandkids usually help me out, but this one was puzzling. How could my phone be working perfectly good one day and the next I had to charge it all the time? Making sure my phone was charged became a priority.

Like most, I have gotten rid of my landline and only have a cell phone. You might say that my cell phone is my lifeline.. literally! That Apple secretly and flagrantly decided to slow down the IPhone 6 (which I owned btw) was not only dishonest, intentional and criminal AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT??? WOW! .. they wanted us to buy new phones!!!! 

Did I overcharge it.. do I not leave it plugged in enough… am I taxing it too much by checking my mail and facebook?  Geez.. what if I lose all my battery power, how close am I to a charger? I travel a lot and was relieved to see that I can now charge my phone on planes. IT WAS STRESSFUL..

In the end it had to go, because the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.. but the jokes on me! I went to an IPhone 6 S (I didn’t really want a different phone). This phone started acting up five months after I got it.. it started ‘freezing’ and kicking me off sites. So not being in my home country to have my carrier ‘fix it’ I googled it. Seems my IPhone 6 S has something called ‘touch disease’.. this is another Apple mystery.. only pertaining to this model apparently, go ahead all you IPhone sixers google it!

sign me up for a class action because I’m mad as hell!


A little update to this tale which only happened last Xmas btw. Apple store wiped my ‘new/six month old’ iPhone clean (had to download stuff to a stick) and they didn’t even bat an eye at my phones ‘freezing’ all the time! What does that tell you? I lost 3/4 of my contacts which I hope are still on that stick.

But the best part is yet to come.. this phone is now freezing as well. To say this is just too much is an understatement.. my iPhone is a POS (piece of shit)!! DO NOT BUY AND IPHONE..  but please do not take my word for it ok.. please do yourself a favor and google which are the best phones to buy…

You may get a surprise.. well I have googled it and it is no surprise to me.. do your homework. Everyone pays through the nose for an iPhone IT IS NOT FREE..  TRUST ME!

I hope this rant of mine saves some of you from making my mistakes.. my next phone will be thoroughly researched! IT WILL NOT BE AN IPHONE..  Please do not reward a company that deliberately slowed down their own phones (in an update) so we would all go out and buy new ones..  uh uh

And besides iPhones are NOT rated the best on the market and we need to get over this iPhone bullshit.

My opinion only..