vegetarians .. pescetarian and God

The decision to eliminate meat from my life was not that hard. Life changes are what I am about lately. A health scare has me questioning my lifestyle habits. This vessel which houses my body is definitely aging faster than my minds-eye view of how long I have to live. It may be time for me to ‘change my ways’..

The ‘fuel’ (food and drink) I consume daily definitely has a bearing on my output in life. Taking a nap is important for sure.. and I make no apologies for that. Sometimes a nap turns into a sleep and I do feel a little sheepish, but it happens. Sleep is very important as we age … ok, so I made that up.

My fuel of choice was anything that tastes good and fit into my mouth, no exceptions. Truth be told, mediocre makes its way to my stomach on a regular basis as well. Should this ‘fuel’ have lemon in it somewhere, I will seek it out and make short thrift of it! Bread is the downfall of most and I am no exception. So lets start with meat.. poof.. it’s gone!

I haven’t really missed it.. but then again that lemon ring coffee cake thingy helps ease my pain. Cutting thin slices of it only prolongs its life span by the seconds it takes to ‘thin slice’ half the dam cake. ‘Thin slice syndrome’ is only a disguise for an eventual massacre you know is going to happen.. ah well, I don’t eat meat.

Not being a big meat eater helped with the transition to vegetarian, but I decided fish should stay. Pescetarian, if you eat fish, is the label given to this. I do love fish and shrimp and lobster, and fish and chips is my new favorite! That it is deep fried and sometimes greasy doesn’t bother me in the least.. I don’t eat meat you know.

Bacon was a big sacrifice! I make up for it by frying my fingerling potatoes in the bacon fat accumulated this past year in a container in my fridge. I fry my eggs in bacon fat as well, it’s not only flavorful, but I need the protein to make up for not eating meat. Its the sacrifices I make for this new lifestyle change.

All these changes hasn’t made an impact on the ‘vessel’ part of me..  other than expanding somewhat to accommodate the extra calories consumed. I see it this way.. I need to keep up my strength, so I give myself permission to eat whatever doesn’t contain meat.  AND there is a lot of really good stuff out there that is meatless!

I am not altogether happy with the no meat hotdogs.. but roasted over a bonfire or fried crispy brown .. they pass. I fear the ingredients on the package though.. so I would never eat a raw one… sigh. It has been a little more than six months now and I will confess to having turkey once in awhile .. two thanksgivings made it impossible to resist.

Do I notice any difference in my new lifestyle change? Other than the strange looks from those that eat meat and think you are weird? My kids rolling their eyes every time I say I’m a vegetarian? Well yes, I do notice a very important change in my body. I may need to buy a whole new wardrobe.. that is a teeny bit bigger! I can afford to because .. I don’t buy meat..

Whoever said that giving up meat would be problematic in getting enough protein, was wrong. I know for a fact that I eat enough of everything and anything that there is bound to be protein in there somewhere. Did God really want us to eat his creatures anyway? (fish don’t count!) I do feel a little bit holier than thou .. I just do, because I am a pescatarian you know.. I don’t eat meat…