First came love.. then came marriage .. then came the baby carriage, but WAIT this is all backwards!

images (108)Why is it we only see friends and long lost relatives at weddings or funerals? Why do we put off visiting them or even just calling them up and saying  “Hi.. long time no see, lets have coffee” or “come on over and lets get drunk on margaritas”.. I miss you !!!!!

A family wedding last night brought me back into long ago friends and a brother and his family that I rarely see. Do our fast paced lives and our own little worlds mean so much that we exclude or ignore or just don’t care about these people?

I care vey much for many of them but I am guilty too! My heart has lots of room for all these people and I enjoyed getting to see them all.. why do we wait so long? A nephew came over and sat with me for awhile and finding out what is happening in his life left me wanting more.

I hardly know some of them and yet I still feel a connection somehow. Their good looks does not surprise me.. we are related after all. Missing out on them growing up.. well not totally, we did see them off and on, was our loss I guess.images3WXI8QRS

Now here is a strange new trend.. these kids are making babies so fast I can’t keep track of them all. Actually a baby shower was also on my agenda yesterday .. all these kids are having babies with-out being married (well last nights wedding united the parents of two of these adorable children).

This is not me passing judgment, however.. uh uh.. I sleep around.. when I get the chance. Taking the pill everyday keeps me safe.. well my blood pressure levels anyway. Do not get married for the kids sake either, you may live to egret that one. I am NOT judging .. besides it seem to be the norm now.

When did this start happening and where do they get their courage from? I can understand having one, but lets face it, reality sets in pretty fast when you have a child in your life. Life as you know it changes forever once a baby shows up.

images0BXXV41UI think one of the most important parts of being married and having kids is that you need two people to raise them. Lets face it.. when you are ready to strangle one of them that’s when you hand them off to your spouse! ..and that is why some species eat their young..

Ah well.. how they do it is beyond me. I suspect that they must get a lot of help from the parents because we all know how hard it is to raise kids. They must really love them though because they go on to have yet another one.

I have put one of them on notice that if they get pregnant yet again..  that I want it! My grandchildren are almost grownup and I would love to have little ones in my life again. I miss going shopping in the kids departments ..everything is so cute and adorable ..and .. and.. waw!

That yearning for another baby in my life is very real.. I avoid holding babies for that reason alone. What is that all about anyway, do men feel that way too I wonder.. I doubt it. These girls certainly took on a challenge by having number two .. Lord give them patience, they are surely going to need it.imagesDA4V3XF1

The wedding was so beautiful and my eyes welled up.. remembering the past. We were so full of hope and joy and excitement and as a friend pointed out, we had so much fun back then. Then came kids and reality set in.. but wait.. these kids are doing it backwards!

I don’t know how this is all going to work out and I may not be around to see it. It was good to see these two young people, parents of two, committing to a life together. We all got to participate and witness this heartwarming event.. I wish them all the best.

imagesR0M7O479Would I get married again.. hmmm that is a good question, maybe I would with the right man. Na.. I think I’ll just sleep around.. ok.. .now where did I put my pills…