I’m running out of monkeys .. and I have only been here less than two weeks

imagesPLSH29GGOld age sucks .. but I am not there yet, and neither are my friends, thank goodness! Life has never been better, wearing flip flops outside in January suits me just fine .. thank you! It’s true I am living in a gated over 55 community.. but I don’t consider myself or them .. old.

You are only as old as you want to be I think. My nieghbour is always doing some kind of volunteer work and walks every morning at 5:30 am .. aqua-fit at 9:00 in our outdoor pool, and then rushes off to one kind of meeting or another. She is eighty two.

I see another gal on my way to aqua-fit.. out walking with a friend. This same gal put in 5 hours of  yard work earlier this week while I was hosing down all my screens and enclosures. She is in her early nineties.

My arrival here less than two weeks ago had me locked out of my place. My girlfriend and I removed the screen and she got the window open to my laundry room. We debated climbing in but enlisted her hubby instead .. she had to go get a ladder anyway and he was home.

My key situation has not improved at all, I have a myriad of keys to what .. I have no idea. What is the attraction of hanging onto keys I wonder? I mean really.. is there a magical lock somewhere that holds all the answers to the universe and this could be THE key I need?

Having more than one residence understandably calls for more keys. My problem is I never seem to have the right keys to the right doors at the right times. My place here has two different locks with two different keys on the back door,  same thing with the front. FOUR KEYS!

Three days later, on my way out to the pool, and in a hurry.. I need to go in and out the door several times to put things away. My last trip out the door I lock the top lock..  forgetting I only have the key for the bottom lock on my keychain. As soon as I slam the door shut I realize my stupidity!

I pass two guys out walking, everybody walks here .. except me.. my golf cart needs the exercise or it loses it’s charge (hey.. it works for me). I politely beg the one I know if he could do the window thing for me. Yes..! Well he crawls up onto the chair and through my window into the laundry room and opens my door, I am so relieved and I am never doing that again!

At the pool I tell my girlfriend about her hubby crawling into my window and that he is just like a monkey.. she laughs and says he is an 83 year old monkey! Wow .. I never even thought that one through .. he is so spry, he is capable of anything I think.

Well fast forward to this morning.. it is a little early for the aqua -fit class so I decide once and for all to figure out the keys. I lock the door knob one and proceed to go through all of the keys and see which one fits .. well seems like none of them fit that door knob!

It is getting on to class time so I grab my other keys for the deadlock one .. go out the door.. and as soon as I shut it, I wonder did I unlock that doorknob one.. you know.. the one I don’t have a key for.. uh huh! Now how the heck am I going to explain this one so no one thinks that I am senile?

Well I decide I am NOT going to ask 83 year old to do it again for me.. even though I know he is quite capable. I decide on the park handyman and hope he is around somewhere. We have another park lunch today as well as cards tonight. It seems like we are always eating out here.. and that suits me fine, having run a catering company I have fed my share of people.

So I am watching for the park handyman while I am in the pool. I break down to the girlfriend whose 83 yr old hubby climbed into my window last time.. I am so embarrassed as I tell her I locked myself out again.

She starts laughing and looks me in the eye and says “girl .. you keep doing that and you are going to run out of monkeys!”imagesPBT2LQN6

I breath a sigh of relief that at least she’s  doesn’t think I’m senile! This afternoon as soon as I finish this blogpost I am going to a locksmith and not only getting keys made but maybe it is time to change all those locks and get it nailed down to just one key..  and then I am giving a replica to all my friends and one to each of my nieghbours.

oh .. and I am leaving the wooden chair underneath the laundry room window… just in case….