Ethiopia, Columbia, New Zealand and South Africa.. were all here for Catersource 2017 AOCF 2017 New Orleans

Samuel was from Ethiopia as was his partner, theirs was a 36 hour journey to get here. They hoped to learn new ideas to take back and elevate their catering business to a new level. It was so exciting (for me) getting them sorted out and directing them to their classes. I asked them to look for me again after classes and I would introduce them to some of their peers. (which I did)

The two gals from Hawaii, Fausto and Reuben .. Jack and Meryl and of course Emily oh.. and I can’t forget Charles (daddy) these were some of my fellow party animals at the Nola Motorsport Speedway party Monday night. Entertainment and food and beverage presentations were right up there with what we expected..

He has is holding LeoLights notice half-naked hula hoop dance in background?

The décor and entertainment was a hit, the party was as much fun as the one I went to in Vegas at the Bowling alley. Sadly, I missed last years party. Kudos to the the ‘Catering Creations’ team, the Snows.. you know how to throw a party! Yes.. I was the one dancing outside with the ‘LeoLight’.. (weren’t those lights amazing?) shining it like a spotlight on various dancers and friends. Vicky Crease from South Africa you are one cool dancer!

Vicky Crease from South Africa.. I finally got a picture with her ; )

Did you know they had a whole hog cooking outside and I missed it! The firework’s were a miss too .. geez.. there was so much stuff going on it was hard to take it all in. Food tastings were everywhere.. new ideas on cooking them as well, did you see the long evestrough bbq where they did the spicy sausage on a stick?

This Catersource conference I am going to rate right up there, as one of the best. The reason I say this is because of all the positive energy I felt through-out the four days. You could feel the excitement and the promise of adventure and learning. The attendees were a smiling group (of course it helps when we smile too) I witnessed a lot of  interacting with their peers.

We had A LOT  of newbies and they were soaking up the knowledge offered and making connections, what a joy! Is this why I keep coming back even though I am retired? Well a little disclaimer here, my kids bought the business. Yes.. that was me working a job for 3000 for that lunch they did last year. (mom .. can you help us out?.. lol)

The thing is, I still have so much to share and there is always something to be learned at these conferences. My daughter will be ordering David Richs Book.. How To Click With Everyone Every Time.. (on my advice, she was at home with a new baby). Ever wonder why you lost that booking when you know you had it in the bag? I thought I knew it all when it came to booking clients, apparently not.

Emily Ellyns class was popular.. ‘Raising the Bar’ with crafted mocktails. We can make a huge profit with non-alcoholic drinks in our catering businesses. She had some really unusual combinations and what a fun and funny presentation! Emily always makes learning new things such a joy.

Oh.. and “My Favorite Things” with Emily Ellyn,  Jack Milan and Sasha Souza, on stage tradeshow floor, was jam-packed and a hit with everyone.. they informed and entertained and gave away thousands of dollars in product! We all got a swag bag.. all four hundred lucky attendees! Oh.. and did you see on stage that innovative Verterra box (think box lunches) it can come with compartments and how it folds, I LOVED it!

Never have I seen so many poring over the classes in their apps on their phones, or the app for dummies (which I always used as my bible.. the paper version guide). The Catersource app on the phone is what I mastered this time around.. it keeps on giving as well.

Remember that cool thing you seen on the tradeshow floor? If they scanned your badge..  it’s downloaded onto your app as well! Now you can look it up .. this is the future and if I managed to do it, so can you ;  ) The next Catersource & AOCF (at Caesars’ in Vegas Feb. 18th to 21st 2018) you have to explore this option, if you haven’t already.

Emily and I with the LeoLight it is soooo cool!

I know a lot of you attended Roy Porters classes.. hands on. Did you also know of the time-saving and cost-saving ideas he has invented and developed along the way? Stay tuned in to Roy Porter.. I promise you.. he is going to ‘show us the way’ into and around this crazy business, with manuals and his own personal inventions to make our jobs easier.

The four stack plated method demonstration, on the tradeshow floor, was a hit! Hands on classes in real life are always the best, I’m one of those people that you need to draw me a picture! The reality of all this is sometimes overwhelming, there is never enough time. Education and enlightment was everywhere at this conference..

Thank god for the audio and video tapes.. classes missed or taken in and we just plain forgot, it’s all on tape!

Stay tuned for MY favorite things on the tradeshow floor.