things don’t inspire us.. people do (unless you are a pyramid) #CS2017

Who inspires you? I know a whole bunch of us, well maybe more so the younger set, (I am pushing senior years here) are into motivational books and speakers. I still dabble, but not in earnest, more so for upgrading my aging mind. I appreciate a great speaker and more so a great book.

My trip to New Orleans for the Catersource conference, rates right up there as one of the best! Oh sure the other ones were really good too, some even spectacular.. if you will. The thing is, when you get rid of the bells and whistles .. what did you learn? What did you tuck away to take home with you and savor?

More importantly.. who did you meet? Who struck out from the crowd, came forward and made you feel a part of something special? Did you seek out anyone, did you smile at complete strangers and get a smile back? Did you befriend that person sitting by themselves and offer a “hi, how are you?”

Did you know that person you said hi too was all by themselves and really needed a friendly smile? I did and I knew.. someone smiled at me once and introduced themselves at one of these conferences. Another held out his hand and personally introduced me to others of my peers.

How many times have I been inspired by you, my friend, sharing your ideas and your successes and even your failures? Did you know that one great thing you taught at your class, was going to light a fire under me? I went home and made mega bucks on that one idea alone! Of course you knew.. that’s why you shared it!

I understand there was a lull, a void of sorts and a transition period for some of us, a few years back. Creatures of habit we don’t take well to changes, but changes happen and we adapted. We do this all the time in our catering business.. we move on and conquer even bigger challenges.

This relates to all of us, not just at a conference but in life as well. We.. you and you and that person sitting over there by themselves and even myself, we can inspire.. and be inspired, we can smile and we can share. I would love to hear your incredible story of how you were inspired to achieve and reach beyond your comfort zone, taking yourself or your business to the next level.

These Catersource conferences didn’t start out with a few hundred people and grow to several thousands of people by themselves. Take a bow, all of you out there that shared so selflessly. Sometimes we need to step up and not be afraid of falling in order to reach up and climb even higher.

Sure there are snafus and irritants in every conference and those APS (Physicists) sure gave us a major pain, taking our busses and camping out in our hallways for our internet.. lol. They didn’t have free Wifi  in their open spaces. We did sort it out, I hope I inspired some to read our signs..

To all my Catersource friends..  and especially those of you I haven’t seen in a long while. You inspired me to be the person I am today. Each and every conference is unique.. we can’t afford to miss out on any of these opportunities. I would love to see you at the next one. To my new friends I made this time… omg I can’t wait to see you next year in Vegas!