Chafing fuel (liquid) that DOES NOT leak.. fact or fiction? .. my tradeshow find at Catersource 2017 #CS2017

Nola Motorsport Raceway

“Mom, your job this year at the Catersource tradeshow is to find a fuel cell for our chafers that doesn’t leak!”

Like that is going to happen! NOT! Fast forward to Monday nights big extravaganza at Nola Motorsport Speedway in New Orleans and an unusual and funny set of circumstances.

A couple of my catersouce-buddies (Emily Ellyn and Fausto Pifferrer) were exploring the second level of the speedway building where the party was being held. The walkways outside this building were lit up with these big white plastic boulders glowing eerily with pulsating colours. Inside and upstairs an eggshaped dome glows amid a King Neptune display of a scrambled eggs, being served creatively of course.. egg-actly!

Emily and I with the LeoLight it is soooo cool!

My cater-buddies decide I need to see this egg shaped dome and bring it down to where I am sitting (what is that glowing thing emanating from Emily?). I am smitten with this new light.. it can change colours (four.. then four different shades in those four colours). I pretend it is an ‘alien Canadian’ waiting to ‘hatch’. I find out it is related to the ‘glowing boulders’ outside along the paths.

These two cute guys come by and want their ‘glowing egg’ back. Turns out it is a ‘LeoLight’ tm.. and it is useless with-out the rechargeable battery.. (and it says so on the underbelly of the light) darn! I find out that they will have a booth on the Catersource tradeshow floor, and they are one of the sponsors of the party.

I shared my daughters instructions to me, only two weeks earlier .. “Mom, your job this year at the Catersource tradeshow is to find a fuel cell for our chafers that doesn’t leak!”  (in transit of course.. after an event, when staff throws the cans into whatever container they find).

I already have a job as a Catersource Ambassador.. besides everyone knows that what she is asking of me is impossible!! Oh.. and she included a picture of the last mess made by leaking fuel cells.. as if I didn’t already know what that looks like!

These two guys get excited.. “we have what you are looking for!” I give them my best impression of a jaded look “sure you do”.. and maybe I rolled my eyes, I can’t remember (had a few drinks). They insist they have what I am looking for, so I say “ok .. give it to me in writing.. the non-leaking part” figuring that will silence them.

Chris Rasmussen ( LeoLights EVP) looks me in the eye and says” I don’t have to write it down .. I am telling you face to face” (sorry, not verbatim.. those specialty drinks  served up at this great event, were kicking in) “they don’t leak!”

these are see-through containers .. no more guessing at how much fuel is left. (don’t think these ones are leakless)

Being a caterer for 30 plus years, and I know everyone in the food business can relate to this.. those suckers leak .. ALWAYS !! They not only make a mess, but if the staff throws them into a wooden or cardboard box, it can be a dangerous fire hazard as well. Not to mention the wasted money .. or worse yet, you go to get a couple for a small job and they are ALL empty.. dam! (a big job we would have checked that we had sufficient stores)

This is an annoyance that we live with because it is a fact of life in the catering business. My daughter must of had a mini meltdown when she shot off that text to me.. with a picture! (she probably was on cleanup duty that week) I actually posted her lament and the picture on the ICA Forum. .

On the tradeshow floor next day, I decide to find the magical chaffing fuel. I am going to straighten this guy out and let him know what a foolish statement he made. They are obviously not caterers (and they aren’t).

He is not going to get away with such a wild claim, uh uh.. lets be real here! I did love the lights though and I wanted one to take back home with me, so I am not going to be too rough on him…lol.

                     When a product comes along that fills a need, it deserves attention.

here is the leakless liquid fuel.. some are upside down and there is the snuffer and the lid opener

I am a caterer and also an Ambassador for Catersourcel, when I make a find like this I want to share it with everyone. Last year I got excited by  ‘The Catering Stone’ (another great product for flameless events!) and shared it on my blog.

Chris was not lying or exaggerating when he said their fuel cell does not leak.. the ‘snap off’ cap ones! (liquid fuel, btw) Some of the caterers I talked to only use gel because of the leaking problem (gels have their own inherent problems).

Please watch the video .. yes, I got soooo excited about this product that I decided to make a video!! I have been waiting for a couple things I requested from LeoLight tm.. a tool for taking off the lid, and a snuffer, YES YES YES !! I could write this blog and make the video. I couldn’t wait any longer !! (must be in the mail.. you know.. like that elusive check… lol)

ps btw.. I had to check my carry-on because I packed one of these babies to bring  back with me, had to show my kids.. it did not leak! oh… and I had to set up a you tube account to post this.. omg the things I learn to do surprise even me! I didn’t need help from my grandkids either. Please don’t judge me .. I had to hold my phone to video it as well as keep it short and I was recovering from a cold. But you get the gist of it.

you need to watch this!

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